I am a recovering Lortab addict and would love to have someone to talk to. I am in Nashville Tennessee.

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Hi, Cindi.

 I'm glad to hear that you have taken the plunge. Actually, I am myself in recovery from alcohol addiction. I began recovery last April. I had the help of a day program for the first six weeks or so and I am still participating with a recovery group once each week. I also have a history of depression. I am fortunate to have a therapist and an affordable prescription to help with that. Still, it hasn't been easy. While I have not experienced frequent urges to drink, other changes have been challenging. I have felt increased depression, and fatigue. More mental clarity seems at time to bring almost overwhelming confusion and anxiety. I have been working to build some kind of new life with new social connections and  new activities. I've made progress and the work is still in process.

     I see that you posted this three months ago. I hope that you are making progress as well. Will you answer and let me know how you are doing?



hi - I'm a recovering addict, my drug of choice was hydrocodone. Been doing it with NA, with a little work you can use the power of your understanding and have it not be god.


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