I am goin' through Lortab withdrawals, I believe. I've done this before but it was several years ago. This time I was on 5 mg and supposed to only take one every 6 hours as needed, but I managed to take the entire bottle of 120 in 3 weeks.  I know I have a terribly addictive personality. I really do not know what to say right now. I know I need help, but above all, I know I need to learn to help myself...

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Do you go to meetings?

You need some face-to-face contact with someone. People on the internet really can't replace that...

Is Lortab withdrawl dangerous? My concern is that some drug withdrawl can create serious and sometimes life-threatening issues.

Please, please, please enter an in-patient clinic! You have but one life, don't waste time doing this by yourself!




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