Hi, I'm new here. This is my first post so here goes. I came from a christian family but spent most of my life rebelling against it. There were two times when I lived as an out and out christian these both happened after a time of heavy drug taking, mainly LSD, pot, coke, smack etc. Now I've been living a number of years as an overweight christian. So that tells you I was never healed of my addiction (drugs or food) even though I did a couple of recovery courses in the church I went to. I don't have any inclination to seek out drugs but I'm having to battle the need to overeat. 

I've now given up being a christian and am now embracing reason and am happy with it.

Anybody else given up drugs and found themselves overeating?

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I've known a few people who've kicked the drug habit plus a few who sadly died through addiction. Your overeating could just be your appetite returning as everyone I've known who was hooked on drugs lost their appetite.


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