Many local AA members have heard by now that the "We Agnostics" group has been forever excommunicated from the Indianapolis Intergroup meeting directory. Some have heard of this author's rather dramatic exit from the charade that they chose to call a "Service Committee Meeting." While I'm not particularly proud of my behavior, I can assure you that the entire group in attendance knows where I stand on this issue, and the chairperson of the "committee" specifically knows my feelings.


It became abundantly clear very early in the evening that the committee had already made up its mind about what the outcome would be. It was not interested in Traditions or Concepts or Unity or Service. It was a war of opinions and anecdotes and popularity. One attendee of that "Service Committee" meeting even went so far as to suggest that the "We Agnostics" meeting was godless and therefore couldn't have a group conscience...violating the Second Tradition. Yet another attendee compared me to a mass murderer because I was passionately defending my right to be there.


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Why even fight or argue with them? I went to AA for 25 yrs. It got so bad, seemed like a huge mental ward meeting. I even fell into the "rituals" trap. I quit the prayer, did not hold hands, did not have anything to do with mentioning a god/higher power. People started saying tome they would "pray" for me! Even the people who could hardly stand up, and had no job! LOL...Absolutely crazy. What it came down to was that I, ME, was responsible for my actions. Not any supernatural, fuzzy warm power that took away responsibilities from me. Now, I have people come to my house and just have a good talk. Much much nicer and healthier. No need to call it a name, no association with anything. I actually felt like I was released from a prison after leaving. Well, we are all our own warden!!! Good luck, but I would walk away....

I enjoy our meeting and the fellowship. And I also feel compelled to offer an "atheist" hand of AA when newcomers show up looking for help.


Many are like you and have left. That's your decision. I prefer to stay.

I live near a college town so we get a good many scientists at our meetings who are agnostics.  I would say that about half my home group profess to be agnostics so I feel quite safe.  I am sure there are some meetings that are more into god as higher power but you just have to visit around to find the ones that are more comfortable for you.

I'm currently in a 3/4 house and know I need the extra support of the rooms right now....but....I'm never gonna be able to swallow invisible sky daddy looking out for me and directing traffic down here.  So far everyone has been fairly tolerant but, since I'm in a small town in the "bible belt" I can't help but think "the other shoe is about to drop".  Anyone have any ideas about what to look for in a sponsor for an Atheist?

Could you find another Atheist/Agnostic to be your sponsor?

That would be ideal but really difficult to find in this area.  There is a local Atheist group here but, to my knowledge, I'm the only one in recovery.

I suggest you go to a number of meetings in your area and share your need to have an agnostic sponsor.  I believe that learning to ask for what we need to stay sober is a vital part of our recovery.  If anyone questions that you are an agnostic, point them to that chapter in the Big Book.  Repeat this over and over if you have to.  Good luck.

Thanks Lillie.  I am required to go to 2 mtgs/day in order to live where I do.  I have expressed my beliefs,or lack there of, at a couple of meetings and a couple of women have agreed that it has to be my HP aka God.  However not until after the meeting is over and we are safely away from the "God Squaders" in the rooms.  With that said, the over all feel of the meetings here are a little condescending.  Like they are placating me till my "spiritual conversion " happens.  But I agree w/what you said about staying clean and sober and I'm not going to through the baby out with the bathwater just yet lol.

My sponsor is not an agnostic but she totally accepts that I am and that is all right with her.  However, she does attend a very modern church and I have a sneaky feeling she has a lot of doubts about theism.  Keep looking.  You will find just the right sponsor.

yeah, I've asked someone who is affiliated w/the sober living house where I am currently to be my temporary sponsor.  She was the one that did my intake eval. and asked about my religious beliefs.  I told her that I was an atheist but that I had been raised Unitarian/Universalist.  Not only did she know what that was, unbelievably, but actually said "cool". So I feel ok w/her so far but it's still early days.

Good luck.  Hope it works out.  Stay in touch please.

Will do! Thanks for your suggestions. BTW, How have you been going about that pesky 3rd step?  I've got to do that soonly. 


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