Hi, my name is Pete Soderman. Long-time member here, don't post much, but I'm working on a non-12-step recovery book. It's based upon my own 21-year journey in sobriety. I started a secular recovery group of my own after a time in AA, just couldn't take the irrationality any longer. A little later on I discovered SMART, and became a facilitator, starting a group in Wilmington, NC.


Now, I'm retired, living in Mexico with time on my hands, and a fire in the belly. I have just put-up a web site, Powerless No Longer,that, at the moment has a single introductory post I put up today. I would appreciate any feedback any of you would like to give me on the layout of the site, content, tone, in fact anything at all that you think might help me. Feel free to subscribe to the site, as I have a couple of chapters already written, and excerpts should be posted fairly often. The purpose of the site is to market the book, which isn't published yet, or even written, but anyone from here who takes the time to give me good, helpful feedback will receive a free copy when it's done.


Thank you so much for your time and attention!


Pete Soderman



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I have checked out your site and am impressed.  I spent three and a half years working as a heathcare professional in a detox ward in the UK.  Though I am acquainted with Prochaska and DiClemente's model of change, I feel your material takes it to another level.  If there is anything you want to ask me regarding my experience as a detox nurse, please feel free to mail me.

Smokey Dave-Bean RMN, RNMS

Thank you for the reply! I may indeed contact you with a question or two. I would also be interested in your impression of chapter 4 on powerlessness.  Thanks again!




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