It appears that the last comment in this group was in December of 2011. Is this group now defunct? I just joined the Nexus, so not sure how things work around here yet. Thanks,


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well we do have a meetup group now:

But I do think all of us are alerted when you message in here, its like the bat signal of alberta skeptics. :)

Thanks Kormakur.

-- Mark.

Yes, Kormakur is right. And I'm pretty sure Calgary has their own Skeptics group on I also assume they have regular gatherings as well. Of course you're more than welcome to come to ours (see my posts on the main thread of this group). I understand it may be a bit of a drive though. Of course, I have a lot of room for a tent or something if you're worried about the drive back.

Btw Kormakur, same goes to you, if you decide to drink a little too much. Could even find you a spot in the house if you don't have camping equipment. I make my own wine and vodka so you never know (^_-).

I'm new here also, but since I live here, might as well join. Things here are strange, haven't really had many discussions about being atheist, since a lot of my friends aren't, it's weird being able to come on here and actually see what others think about it all.




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