Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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Hi, I'm Heather. I started this group because, well, no one else did! I'm 29 years old and currently live in the Atlanta area where I am a librarian. The picture is of me on the Queen Mary during the AAI convention. My friends are all at least very liberal xtians if not atheists. I've never been married, have no children (which I don't plan on changing), but I do have one spoiled dog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Hi Heather!

I was born in Atlanta and I have lived there off and on a few times. Figures I find a place I like here in New Hampshire and then find out there was a hot librarian in Atlanta all this time.



Well, Hello everyone!  I am single (divorced), 33, live in Phoenix,AZ.  I was married for 10 years.  It was wonderful for most of it, but I guess I was too naive. 


Anyway Lets see. . . well, I have too many hobbies/skills.  I have a mostly built shop on my property that i get into all kinds of trouble in.  Gunsmith, Machinist, woodworking, cabinet making.  I also sew from time to time, have an organic garden that grows way too much food for just me, LOL.  Thinking about adding a few chickens.  I read a lot!!  Someone once said my books breed like cockroaches!! 


I am a bit of a hippie.  I tinker with solar ovens, read Mother Earth News, still have my Birkenstocks held together with too much Shoe Goo. . ., setting up solar panels to run part of my shop, tinker with my truck and motorcycle to get better mpg.  I care about the Earth.  Its all we have right now so lets not screw it up for our grand kids.


I am a kind soul.  A libertarian.  A brother, uncle (the "fun" one), son.  I love my family.


I like to go out and stay in.  Hit the dance club, goth club, karaoke, book signing, or just have dinner at home and enjoy the peace and good food.


So, a little complex. . . but it keeps life interesting for me!  And here is a recent pic of me this Christmas. . . I was the Bad Santa. . .  Better have been good this year!  ;-)

Just thought I'd post an update- still a single atheist but now living in Suffolk, VA (near Norfolk). Not being able to organize this group makes me crazy and I miss most of the posts, sorry!
 OMG!! Heather your alive!!! Suffolk! Know it well. Great hearing from ya. :)
Jeeze, you're still single?  That's just ... wrong.  You should hit an atheist group up there or something.  My brother was stationed in Virginia Beach, a few years back, so I've been up there a lot.  Always seemed like there should be a sizable atheist community.
Why not?  Seemed like a high income, well-educated area.

Thanks for the greetings!

Judging from all the confederate flags around and the strong interest in Civil War history, this area is unfortunately definitely part of the south. I'm going to some meetings, but there aren't that many people. My problem in dating is that I'm picky and I only seem to be attracted to black guys.

Hmm, yeah.  VERY small portion of the atheist community you're working within, then.

Slip into this, Heather, and you could single-handedly inspire a mass exodus of straight, black atheist males from the atheist closet.  ;)  

I've got one kinda like that in brown terrycloth, actually!
What are you waiting for, you sexy vixen, you?!?  For the next election to pass?




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