Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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Bonjour, je m'appelle Melody!
And no, I do not live in France (or Quebec) I just am a fan of languages.
I live in Waxhaw, North Carolina though originally born in New York and was mostly raised just outside of Philadelphia, PA.
Mine is a long story.. so I won't bother with it now.
In basic terms, I am seventeen, and I love to learn. I love science, music, art.. all sorts of interesting and beautiful things.
I'm... not really looking for anyone.. but recent events have lead me to.. branch out, so to speak. I'm not saying I am unavailable, though. I like gentleman. Honest, genuine, romantic and well mannered men... S'part of my love for the 1800's, but mainly, I value myself enough to have high standards.
Anyway, I write, I sing, play piano. I am in high school, hate it very much, and wish to be in college where I can really get things done.
Hi, Melody. Welcome.

You sound like an interesting person. With a large number of skills and talents. An intriguing situation. Le trouvez-vous difficile de rencontrer d'autres personnes avec en tant que large une serie de talents et interets?

It would be interesting to hear your long story some time.

Oui, il est très difficile de trouver des gens à qui parler surtout quand j'ai très forte, les opinions immuable.
(I'm not that ^ good with French, I got a little help from google. But, I'm working on it. C'est la vie..)

I wouldn't call me interesting. I might be in person, but I wouldn't say so. Thank you, though.
I could share my story maybe, some time I guess.

I suppose I should put a proper introduction up here at last, I just tend to be nervous "sharing" online.

I'm Errol, a quiet and eccentric geek from Northern Ireland, currently (like many British people, thank you Cameron) unemployed and spending much of my time researching various atheists topics online, which brought me here about a year ago.

A few mental health issues, lifelong, only diagnosed last year, still coming to terms with them and recovering from a long and tediously bad relationship with a creationist whose family was more or less a cult. Being atheist all my life, it was not good lol.
Greet's! Just joined the site and figure this is a nice, logical group for me to jump into for the time.

I'm Philip (or just "Phil"). I currently work for the federal government in Fort Worth, Texas. I'm also working on a PhD, enjoy working out, gaming (online and pnp), coffee and conversations, and great micros with live music. Life, liberty, and happiness are all in the queue.
Hey hey, I'm Brandon! I'm 22 years old and I live in tightest notch of the Bible Belt (I kid, I kid). I'm the son of a minister, so I'm just old enough to have relieved myself of the anxiety caught up with a childhood of religious intolerance. The biggest attraction of this site is not the solace found in bashing religion but for the godlessness to not be an issue. All the anger tied up with those issues, has for the most part been left behind.

I'm a student in college. My intention is to major in biophysics; intentions change but mine are always directed by science. I love to play guitar and anything else I can get my hands on. Reading is on the top of my list of fun things to do, as well as swimming and painting (I'm very bad, though). That's all I can think of for now, so hey!
I suppose since I joined I should post something here. I'm 39 year old guy, a global sort of person who just wandered back to his home state of Wisconsin and who generally works and plays very quietly by himself. Work is work and doesn't define me.

When I'm not working, I'm either tinkering on something, reading, out in the Great Outdoors, or just wandering around exploring.

I'm not actively looking for someone in my life - I'm fine as I am now - but I'm also open to whatever happens, which I've found to be one of the great joys in life.

So if you want to know more, ask. If I want to know more, I'll ask. :-)

godless soldier (left in photo, holding jack and coke)... 


new to nexus. 27. i like debate. science. reason. capitalism. i like talking religion and politics at family reunions. good fun.


Hey rational people- I'm Carolyn. I'm HORRIBLE at introductions, so I'll make this brief. I'm 25, of caribbean descent, outspoken, silly, and warm-hearted. Hobbies include collecting music and hitting the treadmill at the gym. I have a BA in Psychology, and plan on pursing a Master's in Public Health. Never been married, but was once in a serious relationship. No children.

Hey Joseph!



Heh, was half asleep and couldn't think of anything to say, so I thought I would greet you the simple way.




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