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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, yes.  They're both forms of psychosis.


My mother and my maternal grandfather are ('was', in my grandfather's case) both classic manic-depressives.  My grandfather was probably up in the most severe 1%.  My father and paternal grandfather were both classic cases of OCD.  I seem to have picked up both.  The OCD is definitely the more obvious of the two.  The Bipolar Disorder kicked in sooner, around 11 or 12, but it got overshadowed by the OCD in my late teens.


I wouldn't think that anyone who knows anything about it would steer away from manic-depressives.  The vast majority of them have quite mild swings, most of the time.  People without the genetic disorder can end up with worse cases of neurotic depression, due to environmental factors, and you'll never know what to expect, before you're hit with it.  At least manic-depressives follow a pattern and are somewhat predictable.


Of course, mostly those who know enough about Bipolar Disorder to not be afraid of it are the manic-depressives, so meh.


My OCD mostly has to do with bodily cleanliness and a certain order around the home (not a cleaning manifestation, though), so the only real downside is my water bill.  I'm also unmedicated, because I'd rather not strip down my mind's functionality, in favor of stability.


Someone who sees meds from my perspective. It's not a lack of belief in them. The fact is they do work, but you can't take them and not expect to have other areas affected by the imbalance of neurotransmitters. It will change you, even as it stabilizes you. Your mind doesn't function the same.


I have BPD as mentioned (suspect my mother had it, but not positive), ADHD (high % of my father's family, only 1 brother doesn't have it), and I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder as a teen due to panic attacks, but it hasn't showed up much in a long time.


The anxiety triggers manic episodes, but I've been dealing with it long enough to know what to expect, and how to be careful... my mood swings are mild as long as I don't go through any drastic life changes. (deaths, huge moves, ect.)


And the ADHD simply makes me ramble very quickly, and I don't handle caffeine very well... lol.  

Yup, medications have both positive and negative effects, beyond the unrelated 'sexual side-effects'.  Mental disorders have many different effects, beyond the commonly known 'bad' effects.


One of the side-symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is something called racing thoughts.  My brain grabs onto any idea and runs off in every direction with it ... very rapidly.  Along with the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, the medications fix the racing thoughts.  I don't like it when my brain runs slowly.


If someone's mental disorders render them non-functional, then by all means, dose them up on something that will stabilize them and allow them to function.  If someone can function, then just let it go.  They're probably better off without psychotropic drugs altering the way their neurons work.


I've been unmedicated since I was 17 or 18, but my car's ashtray was filling up with medication that I 'took on my way to school' for six months or a year before that.  I can't even remember what I did with the night-time pills.

I've struggled with social phobia and scrupulosity for much of my life.  I was taken to three psychiatrists as a kid: one when I was around 6-7, one when I was around 11-12, and one when I was around 16-18.  The first one, I could only whisper to.  With the second one, I talked louder, but I got afraid and quieter when he hinted at my inability to talk in school.  The third one gave me some prescription drugs I was on for while.  I talk more now than when I was younger, although its still often a strain to talk loud enough in public, and when I do try to speak loud enough at places such as my bowling league, my voice comes out higher pitched than what is natural and breathy or rhaspy, which is not my actual voice and not how I talk to my parents.  I've been told I migh thave aspergers, and for awhile I was in a book group for peoplewith AS.  I could'nt quite stand them.  They wouldn't acknowledge my presence when I entered the room, some would get up and throw away things or use the washroom during the hour long session, they were afraid to just talk like typical people in groups of friends when they didn't have enough to say about the book we were supposed to have read, they were all too obsessed with fantisy or science fiction or anime or graphic novels, and there was this taboo where I couldn't even hint at involuntary celibacy or relaitonships, even though it was my grandmothers idea for me to mention the problem to someone at the group, and she used to be a school social worker.  I couldn't stand the over melodramatic or odd intonations and attitudes of the guys at the gbook group, so I quit and decided that I don't have an AS problem after all.  And I don't have to be afraid and put on the pretense something is wrong with me just because I'm afraid people will be surprised and gape at me for talking when I'm "not supposed to be able to talk or relate with people!"
Well, to be even more specific, I have schizoaffective disorder and Anxiety not otherwise specified. Some people think I have Asperger's Syndrome and I thought about that in the past and even some in the present, because I do have social dysfunction and my hobbies and interests do get obsessive in nature, but I've been told I still socialize too well to have that disorder.

Hi, my name is Dan and I am a professor at the School of Library and Information Science at Kent State University. I am also the primary researcher for the Center for the Study of Information and Religion at the school.My research agenda focuses on the role of religious messages in the social construction of knowledge.


I have lived in northeast Ohio for nearly three years after moving here from Kansas and I really enjoy all the opportunities the area affords. I like cycling, hiking, skiing, swimming, and racquet sports for activity. Movies, antiquing, concerts, museums, cooking, travel, and many more interests as well.

Joseph P:  I am 5'8" (or used to be; maybe I'm shrinking!), and have only once had the pleasure of spending the night with a woman taller than I.  She was 5'10".  I found that it made for a good fit--everything was easily reached as desired.  So, I wouldn't complain about a woman's greater height than my own.  Not that I'm being fussy one way or the other.
Heh, if you're focused on a particular area, I can see how taller women would give you something to focus on.
Hello all, I am Benny and I am single from TX and sick of Trying to date those irrational theists who think I am delusional for not believing in invisible sky bullies. I am open to dating women of all ages and races.

Hey everyone:

I'm Jon. I'm a doctoral student currently living in Buffalo. I'm also a comedian. I write terse introductions.

Hello all, I'm Clint.

I joined the Nexus a few months ago... not even sure if I ever introduced myself in here, so I'm doing it [again].


I live in San Antonio, Texas and it's been really hard to find rational girls for dating.  In addition, I have other 'outrageous' expectations of women.

Regardless, I'm very tolerant except with regards to rationality and Intelligence.  It's non-negotiable.




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