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Hello all, I am Benny and I am single from TX and sick of Trying to date those irrational theists who think I am delusional for not believing in invisible sky bullies. I am open to dating women of all ages and races.

Hey everyone:

I'm Jon. I'm a doctoral student currently living in Buffalo. I'm also a comedian. I write terse introductions.

Hello all, I'm Clint.

I joined the Nexus a few months ago... not even sure if I ever introduced myself in here, so I'm doing it [again].


I live in San Antonio, Texas and it's been really hard to find rational girls for dating.  In addition, I have other 'outrageous' expectations of women.

Regardless, I'm very tolerant except with regards to rationality and Intelligence.  It's non-negotiable.

Hi I'm Greg from Seattle,


I have to say reading through this I am glad to live where I do, it is fairly easy to find non-theists here.


I am only 4 months out of a long term relationship so I haven't been in the dating pool for a long time so maybe it is just beginners luck.


Now finding women who believe in evidence based medicine is hard, It may not be the bible belt but we are the west coast and for some reason homoeopathy and alternative medicine is the dominate dogma here.


To be honest, being 36 and being allergic to cats is the biggest barrier!!  I am looking forward to the new vaccine they have coming out for that issue.




thank you for creating this group Heather

i happen to be unfortunately living in the 'bible-belt' of the prairies where the 'religious bullying' is the normal of the day...

seems many years have slipped by and i now find most enjoyment from just picking up my camera, (hobby from 30 years ago brought up to date with a used digital), and wandering alone....


Hey hey, this is Avicenna,


Some facts include the fact that I am constructed out of chocolate, am a British Expat in India and am a Medical student. Making me a stereotype. 



(Yes I was the first!)

I want some of THAT firewater.
Hi! I'm Mark.

I'm 30 and live in south central Indiana. I work in a factory and go to school part time for a BSME. Given the opportunity, I think I'll also get an EE degree and/or CS degree - my interests are at the intersection of those three fields.

My hobbies include metalworking, electronics, and programming. Robotics has always fascinated me, but I've never spent much money on it. I read quite a bit - mostly scifi and nonfiction. I'm an occasional gamer, mostly playing FPSes and Portal.

I like sarcasm and satire - Ambrose Bierce, Pastor Deacon Fred, and so on.

I've never been married and don't have any children. I'd like to have children, but I'm still open to a long term relationship with a woman who doesn't want children.

If you haven't ever read OKTrends (OKCupid's blog), you should. There's some hilarious stuff on there, as well as some interesting and useful stuff. At least one of them is an atheist, and their blog posts often show correlations between religion (or lack thereof) and some other statistic.

In , they write about several questions that show potential for long-term compatibility. My answers are in parenthesis:

Do you like horror movies? (I don't like horror, whether in book or movie form)

Have you ever traveled around another country alone? (No, and I don't see myself doing so - I'd rather share the experience with someone)

Wouldn't it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat? (A sailboat would be fun for a bit, but I have a lot of material possessions that you can pry out of my cold, dead hands. Speaking of which, a lack of internet *would* kill me. I've heard of acoustic modems... do aquatic modems exist? Can we stay close enough to shore for wifi? You get the drift :D )

Haha- Definitely have to figure out internet logistics before living on a sailboat!


Thanks for the article... funny stuff.  I wouldn't have thought to ask "Do you prefer the people in your life to be simple or complex?"  Answers to that question are supposed to predict compatibility on political issues.

The idea of valuing simplicity has bugged me for a long time. Hearing that there is a correlation with being conservative does not surprise me, but I wouldn't have thought to ask it either :)
hello - new here - 54 SWM in Houston Texas, Harley riding Free Thinker...
Hi.  I'm Michael in North Hollywood (sub. of Los Angeles) Calif.  I'm 63, in electric utility grid operations.  I am passionate about science and being rational, but have feelings.  I'm just 5'6" short, so for taller ladies, I will stand on my toes to kiss goodnight.


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