Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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I live in San Antonio as well, i've mainly been seeing religions,that are different from christianity... but still it's awkward being around the people as the practice it continuously.

Ummm... well if you ever get to New Orleans.... ;) You're very pretty!


Hello, Captain Obvious.  :-D

Hi Fellow Non-theist-People,

I am a 55, HWP, divorced, intelligent, nice guy who doesn't believe in a big granddaddy in the sky.

I also have a lot of hair left ;-).

I am hoping someday to find someone to get older with, and maybe some other (more fun) activities too.

Anyway, if you are visiting or live in the twin cities (MN), drop me a line, we might hit it off -- who knows??

It wouldn't hurt to have a glass of wine ...


Okay, I have to ask... what is "HWP"?
HWP = Height/Weight Proportionate.  An abbreviation frequently used in personal ads as a shorthand way of saying that one is neither overweight nor underweight.  Often used as sort of a politically correct way of saying "I'm not fat".
Hello everyone,

My name is Telliyah and I am a 22 year old college student in Michigan. Dating for me anyway has always been hard because of my standards, but probably more because I am a super shy person as well. It would be nice to one day meet someone who thinks similar to me one of these days.
GO BLUE!!!  =)
Yea Michigan GO BLUE!!!
Tee hee.
I'm a heretic from Illinois.  :-D
Hmm, so what sort of standards do most of the available men usually run afoul of?


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