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62 year old German looking for her mindmate, who is like me a university educated, childfree, atheist, monongamous, non-promiscuous serious person.   More in my blog:

This is a great idea for a site, but if there is one negative, the girl to guy ratio is absolutely horrible.  I will never date a Christian again, so I will just hold out for a girl that has a life based in reality.  Don't pick up chicks in bars or church, so I have fewer forums.   I am from FL/GA border, but I have lived out of country for the last decade and lived in Japan for the last 2 years.  Moving back to FL soon.  Glad to see that there are some openly atheist people in the SE now.



Well the guy to girl ratio is absolutely horrible in the atheist community in general. So that's just how the cookie crumbles--women tend to be encultured to just "do what others want"--it's honestly why I make a LOT of dudes angry when I'm openly anti-faith and pro-science, pro-choice, etc--they get angry the most because I'm not just meekly saying "okay..." and going along with it.

 Honestly you can convince most women to leave their faith--I actually was slowly convincing one of my ex's to leave the catholic church after 3 years of dating during college--he was mostly afraid of the backlash from his family, which was all catholic. I think there will be even less backlash if it's a guy de-converting a girl--it's usually expected for a woman to take on the faith of the guy she's dating. Most girls are encultured for this, as well. You will have to work at it, though--so your best bet if you're lazy is to get someone who's already questioning god and hates organized religion. If you're really lazy, you just date an atheist woman--but be warned, we tend to be a bit more brusque and vocal about our opinions because we're already going against the cultural grain.

The girl-to-guy ratio on internet forums and especially on sub-forums is universally horrible.  In the present subforum, it's actually not too bad.  Compare Craigslist; on our local Craigslist, the ratio is 1:20, maybe 1:30.

I'm Ajay, a junior at SUNY Buffalo, dual majoring in electrical engineering and economics. I'm involved in the on-campus freethinkers group, besides NSCS.

I'm single and have been browsing on OKCupid for a while, but the response rate is too low, and then there's the business of transcending the friendship barrier.

(pedophiles stay away, you're one of the reasons I'm an atheist in the first place)

Umm, shouldn't this be a general qualifier, whether you have a daughter or not?  :-D  I'd think that even women who don't have children would want to steer the hell away.

Heh. Yeah, gotta watch your usage of conditionals. Otherwise, you can look like you're saying, "Yeah, but if it wasn't for that, I'd be all for it."

I haven't properly introduced myself, but I guess I should. I'm 30, been single for over 3 years now, pretty much my fault though. Anyways, since that time I matured a lot since my last relationship. I'm working on my degree in computer science and I'm currently living in hot, humid, Miami. After I graduate, I plan to move back to cooler climates, where I can wear my sweaters once again, because I miss them so. I enjoy nothing more than listening to music. I rarely watch TV, but I keep up with current events via Google and Yahoo. I'm a great cook, love long walks (while jamming to my ipod), and I enjoy watching movies....lots of movies...but I'd rather be out, doing something fun with a few friends. I don't smoke and I rarely drink. I also enjoy drawing and tinkering with electronics. If it's broken, I can pretty much fix it. :D

Enough of my long-winded tirade. I don't want to bore you guys to tears.

Hi, I am Robert.  I am living in Decatur GA for the last year, before that I have lived in about 13 sates and multiple cities.  I work IT in a public library.  I have been single for over 13 years.  I don't know many people where I live and most I am just not social with.

  Hi All Recently Seperated about 2.5 months now. I'm a 34 old Straight White Male. Living in NE PA Looking for an adventure partner. I want to get out and do the things I've missed over the past 10+ years. See new place try and do new things. Biggest thing on my list to go on a cruise. Any takers?  you can see my profiles on POF and OkCupid

  on okcupid I'm label228 not seeing how to get the profile link there

   Enjoy folks

Hi, I'm 31 and living in Portland, Oregon.  I grew up in California and moved here a few years back.  I returned to college this year; I am working on a degree in science or writing (not sure yet).  I am a skeptic and atheist.  My family is nominally Christian, but religion wasn't forced on me as a child.  I drink socially, quit smoking recently, partake in weed, and hate most other drugs.  I'm a huge sci-fi, comics, and fantasy nerd and a bibliophile.  My 2 rats are named Tesla and Edison.

Me and my wife have decided to get a divorce so I'm a partial member of this group for now.  Will be a full member some time in the next 6 or so months.


Denver/Boulder area

Cyclist, board gamer, science geek with 2 cats. Love the outdoors (when warm).  Don't watch much TV.  Tall and thin-ish.  No kids.




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