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I know just what you mean. I am over 50 and it always makes me smile. USA is just ridiculous about this, though.

I am he who calls himself Dionysus. Originally from New York, lived in Jersey for five years and I've been in Florida for about 9 months. I'm not sure why but I seem to be moving south. I love literature, have a fascination for the "beat generation" and I'm a big Hunter Thompson enthusiast (is that a legitimite hobby?) I love classic Jazz, i.e. Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, etc and lots of modern alternative, i.e. 30 seconds to Mars, Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback. I'm a life long skeptic, atheist, obnoxious persuer of truth, justice and the American way! And... most importantly I think objectivity is a lie, yes... a lie! But even that's subjective. LOL! I don't really think I'll meet anyone on this but I seem to love the idea of "going through the motions". I guess it's that primitive need for ritual. I've spent most of my life working as an accountant but I still do believe there's some hope for me. I've never been married, haven't had children, haven't served in the military, have no idea if this is relavant for anyone but I saw some other people list these things and I thought I'd do the same.
I'm Phil, 24, atheist, all around geek, (which seems to be a trend here) and yep you guessed it single. I'm also pretty much a goof ball although not all the time. I cook very well. I brew my own beer and hot sauce. At work I do tech support over the phone for professional Canon cameras. So, I know my way around a camera, just wish that most of the "Professional" photographers that called in did too. I was born in South Africa but I've been here in Virginia for most of my life. I wish there were some more intelligent athiest chicks down here. The pickings are slim.

Well that's a decent enough sell I guess. Nice to meet you all.
I've just decided that when I can afford a decent camera, I should ask you for advice. :)

Sorry to hear that it's hard to find intelligent atheist women there; it's hard to find intelligent atheist men here.

hi the Names Ryan and im here looking to find a female who shares my interest and maybe my musical habits. i'm 18 years young. and i start college in the fall for music. ive been a freethinker most of my life but growing up in the south you can only Imagen the resistance i get for speaking my mind. but non-the less i speak what i have to say. and i also enjoy playing music and have multiple music projects suck as my band (mars blue i'm not to complicated when i date i tend to look for personality other than looks. i love debate and i love a woman who can speak her own mind. ive never been married so therefore never been divorced lol.

i hope i interest somebody

Have to say, I for one love your morning hair!
lol thanks its a art form
Elizabeth, you seem wonderful. If I still lived in Florida I would head over to your bar for a cold one!
I am Hecton, I have 23 years, I'm Brazilian. Work with maintenance of computers. I am an atheist for more than 5 years. Wanted meet interesting people who share the same vision of the physical world than me.

Hey everyone! Eric here, 45yo/s&s/nm! Currently livin' in Houston. Fairly new to the Nexus fam and am finding I'm not as alone as I thought in openly celebrating the nontheist beliefs. What I do? a lil bit of everything, what I want, when I want. What I like is knowledge and truths. Love to listen but not good at followin'. Lookin' for like minded friends. Especially if ur local.

My name is Mare, from Western MA. I don't think I really fit into any category.
I would love nothing more than to find a compatible man to spend time with. Maybe together we can find a category to fit into? I never married, and am not big on breeding...I have no children besides the dog and cats. It has taken me a long time to settle down within myself.
Obviously, I am single and looking....if it is of importance to anyone: 5' 7", thin build, 133#-ish, not an athelete, but I think about being more active! :)'s much more enjoyable with someone.
Anyway, it has been a challenge dealing with believers within the dating world. Does one "86" a person based on belief or lack there of? I, for one, cannot take someone seriously knowing that they believe in the bible/god. It is something that runs deep, always has.

It is a comfort to know I am not alone, truly alone, by finding you all here :) Peace and Thanks!!!!
I may have that needle ;)



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