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If even two people meet though this group, it has been worth it. If I told you that only 1 out of 3,000,000 sperm fertilize an egg, would you say that conception wasn't worth the effort?
chuckle... good one ;-)
I wouldn't say it's pointless to post here ... one never knows when or where you'll run into the right person!
You've got it made Methis. I am from a Dutch family with a history dating back to the Norman invasion. The Netherlands will still not grant my request for an application of dual-citizenship. The atheist women of Holland blow my mind, since, from what I understand, many presuppose you are not religious at all. That would be a huge advantage here in Texas.
Wow...I LOVE that dragon (I'm really into dragons...have many of them in my home...wish some were real!). I bet Morocco is amazing...and even if you don't meet a gal to date on here (I'm not quite sure I will, either...well, I mean a guy to date for me...), it's still a great place to make friends! :-)
Morocco looks pretty awesome too! Of course, the most I've seen of Oregon was along the OR/WA
I went to India a few years ago....LOL
morocco = graphic design intern. Who knew! What a wonderful adventure! I'm from the dry side of WA state. I love Wa and Or!
Hi Everyone! I'm Jennifer. I'm in San Jose, CA. My main interests include bicycing (just finished the Livestrong Challenge 50 mile course yesterday), acting (starring in a play in September), dancing (tap and belly dance, primarily, though I'd like to do more ballroom/latin, too), hiking/camping, cats (I have four), board games/card games/puzzles/word games, reading Sci-Fi, comic books, movies, and many other interests (including some things I've dabbled in and want to do spelunking and zip-lines). I'm unfortunately unemployed for the moment (the last year and three months, actually), which really sucks. I worked for Disney corporate in Los Angeles for 12 years, to some extent (though the last four years Disney Stores was owned by The Children's Place...but it was still "Disney")...the last four years as a Production Manager in the Table Top and Holiday Home Decor departments. I also got my certification in Graphic Design last year and would love to be able to use at least some of those skills in my next place of employment. Sigh. Oh, and I'm a lifelong atheist, for the most part. I have no children, and I'm still at the point of "I'd kinda like to have a little girl...but if I don't, that's probably okay, too" stage...and if it's gonna change to definite, it had better be pretty soon 'cause age does matter when it comes to having children...anyway, before I meander on for too long...if you have any other questions, just ask! Anyway, here's a picture of me during yesterday's Livestrong Challenge. :-) (For some reason, I'm not seeing my pic in this post...I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...if I am...maybe the previews don't show them? Anyway, I attached my pic, too, just in case...sigh...I'm not usually this computer challenged.)

Sup, I am a 20, almost 21 year old atheist who happens to work in the Army, as such I get four month paid vacations to the middle east every year. A lot of people happen to think I look like the 'Brawny Man', no, wait, actually they think I'm like 16 to 18 years old.. This will play off one day when I feel like sneaking into Junior/Senior proms. I like some scifi (Battlestar mostly), computers/internetz, Baseball (Red Sox), Basketball (Lakers). I'm pretty sarcastic and talk a lot of shit, but I always come off shy at first because I listen to people and see what they're like before I talk. Pretty much what I look for in a girl is good humor, good shape, kind of geeky. A plus is if you like sports, another plus is if you are a supermodel.

Attached is a picture of me being original.
Hey everyone.
I'm 19 years old and currently a college student at loyola university.

I'm looking for someone who is very independent and intelligent.
My interests are psychology, poetry, writing, great stories, politics, and well, having fun. In fact pretty soon a few friends and I will be making a talk show discussing weekly events in the world and other various topics. I just love to have deep conversations, what can I say?
Greetings fellow heathens! My name is Sam, I'm 33, an enigneer. I have a dog and love to ride my motorcycle. I've never been into religion, it never made sense to me. Now that I am open about being an atheist I'm amazed at how some of my friends of reacted. One automatically assumed that I am a greedy evil person. She doesn't understand that you do no have to go to church to have morals and beleive in right and wrong. Ironically enough she was raised jewish and converted to catholcism a few years ago. I am divorced, with no children. I've never really wanted any and don't feel that I am missing out on anything. I am originally from metro altanta (graduate of Lassiter High school) but currently reside in Virginia Beach.



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