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Sup, I am a 20, almost 21 year old atheist who happens to work in the Army, as such I get four month paid vacations to the middle east every year. A lot of people happen to think I look like the 'Brawny Man', no, wait, actually they think I'm like 16 to 18 years old.. This will play off one day when I feel like sneaking into Junior/Senior proms. I like some scifi (Battlestar mostly), computers/internetz, Baseball (Red Sox), Basketball (Lakers). I'm pretty sarcastic and talk a lot of shit, but I always come off shy at first because I listen to people and see what they're like before I talk. Pretty much what I look for in a girl is good humor, good shape, kind of geeky. A plus is if you like sports, another plus is if you are a supermodel.

Attached is a picture of me being original.
Hey everyone.
I'm 19 years old and currently a college student at loyola university.

I'm looking for someone who is very independent and intelligent.
My interests are psychology, poetry, writing, great stories, politics, and well, having fun. In fact pretty soon a few friends and I will be making a talk show discussing weekly events in the world and other various topics. I just love to have deep conversations, what can I say?
Greetings fellow heathens! My name is Sam, I'm 33, an enigneer. I have a dog and love to ride my motorcycle. I've never been into religion, it never made sense to me. Now that I am open about being an atheist I'm amazed at how some of my friends of reacted. One automatically assumed that I am a greedy evil person. She doesn't understand that you do no have to go to church to have morals and beleive in right and wrong. Ironically enough she was raised jewish and converted to catholcism a few years ago. I am divorced, with no children. I've never really wanted any and don't feel that I am missing out on anything. I am originally from metro altanta (graduate of Lassiter High school) but currently reside in Virginia Beach.
Brandy. I live in the Tampa Bay area. I am 27 soon to be 28. I dig ladies and dudes. Currently working in a mindless but interesting job while attending college. My interests include books, books, and more books (knowledge is hot), bike rides, chilling at the local beach, intense discussions, playing with my cats, watching movies with friends, camping, music and going to concerts, traveling, beer, astronomy, hitch-hiking and human nature.
You can find pics on my page.
Disclaimer: I am 6' tall. I am not heightist but some dudes get intimidated. ;-)
Hi, I was kind of hesitant to do this, but, what the hell? I'm 26 live in Ft. Lewis Washington at the moment, I'll be leaving for Iraq, again in October. I grew up in bumfuck nowhere Illinois, and left for the Army as soon as I could (not my brightest move and going back to it after leaving was dumber still). But one does what one must.

I became an atheist in what most would term "junior high" and haven't looked back since. Although after leaving I heard that I somehow made it easier for the other kids who didn't believe to come out. I'm not entirely sure how true that is but I won't argue with it.

I just got out of a long term relationship and have a beautiful one year old girl to show for it. Although I won't be seeing her for the next year. I'm hoping anybody (female) in the Washington/Oregon area would be up for something, I haven't done a whole lot the time I've been here so I'm open to ideas. I did however go up to Victoria, British Columbia a few months ago. My first trip to a foreign country, without government assistance, yay. Yes, I'm still a small town hick.

I like sci-fi, books (Peter F. Hamilton) and shows, (Dr. Who.) comic books (Green Lantern, or anything by Brian K. Vaughn) computer games (Starcraft, Dawn of War), table top games (Warhammer 40K) and anime, I love anime. If any ladies out there want a man with a large collection of anime shows just let me know. I also like guns (I am currently buying a Sig Sauer 556 classic SWAT, assault rifle) and knives, although I am looking at getting some medieval weapons soon (yeah, I'm in the Army, what did you expect?).

I don't have any other pictures so my profile one is all you get. If anybody wants to know more feel free to message me.
Bumfuck Nowhere, Illinois ... I've been there!

I'm Pascalle. I found AN through pz Myers' blog.
I'm from the Netherlands and love discussing life, the universe and everything with people.

At the moment i'm inbetween jobs, but i'm looking at starting university soon. It's a bit scary to be honest as i'm 35 years old and it'll be a big career change. I want to have my BA Science in about 5 years in the field of Nature and Enviroment.
In my spare time i love to surf the web, read (atheïst and science) blogs, game (world of warcraft), play games and chat on facebook.
Besides the net, i love to read (like real books made of paper'n stuff), make costumes and wear those costumes at either medieval fairs or Live Action Roleplay events.
"I spent this past summer working on a research fellowship on scientific efforts to explain morality."

Wow - interesting! I find myself in too many debates where I am compelled to qualify that there is no set moral code. When you strip everything down, you might say X is moral while I say X is immoral. At which point we are at an impasse and hopefully my army is strong enough to keep you from implementing X.

I'll say again; Wow - interesting!

When/if I can ever afford college again the next degree will be Cultural Anthropology.

Good luck on the continued research.
Hi back Jason and wow - yet another Atheist guy into the sciences. Now, if I can just get y'all out West and into my age group...

Hi Jason,

I spent some time in MS (Pasagoula). I usually am outside a lot but down there in August, um... I wilted. I am not used to day and night temps only differing by at most 10 degrees (could never cool the house down), the unrelenting humidity, fire ants, couldn't swim for fear of aggressive water moccasins and snapping turtles, was leery about investigating the swamps for fear of alligators....

Give me grizzlies, rattlesnakes, and cougars any day. These I understand! ;-)
chuckle... I think it is hard to take care of plants when you have kids. They don't scream loud enough to via for your attention!


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