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Damn, sounds like a lot of us here could use a boost of the positives.

I totally relate Brandon to the disliking of life ... and I've found that disliking life lends itself all to easily to disliking of oneself.

I've also found communities like this one help, knowing that I'm not the only one on this island of misfit toys. Here's hoping we all find a bit of help in it.
I used to hate almost everything and everyone around me, and be frequently miserable because of it. trying to change that into positivity by focusing on love instead of hate didn't work for me at all, but what did work was the realization that by choosing, through sheer bloody-minded stubborn determination to be happy, I could choose happiness basically out of spite. Might not work for everyone, works great for me.

This kind of mood-shift isn't really practicable against genuine depression, but I found that for me, looking at my own depression as being not a mood thing but being like a car with the idle set too low, that helped me to handle it more effectually. If my car's idle was too slow I wouldn't try to cheer it up, I'd just be patient and give myself more time to merge and such, not get upset if it died at a stop light, not go "oh no!" and want to talk about it's views & feelings, just start it up again, and proceed. Once I did that I stopped seeing depression as being "wrong" as in either bad or incorrect, but as a neutral thing that I could respond to with reason, I was more able to utilize simple fixes like exercise to make big improvements. I'm not suggesting that's a cure at all, just saying it helped me. I'm still an under-achiever, and have basically zero ambition, but I'm not inclined to care too much about my lack of ambition.


I'm new here, I'm Carolyn, 41, newly single mom, recently re-located from Chicago, IL to Madison, Wisconsin. I like old punk rock & noise music, some newer metal, wargames, hiking & biking, and primitive skills like spinning, tracking, throwing axes. I'm a big horror movie fan, but don't get to see many movies these days because I'm home with my daughter (5) most of the time without any childcare assistance. We cook from scratch, paint, study the natural world, watch foreign films, and generally goof off.
Interesting intro.
Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment.
looking at my own depression as being not a mood thing but being like a car with the idle set too low,

Love that analogy!
Hi, I'm Jack Phillips. I'm in the US Navy and work in IT. I'm soon transferring to Norfolk, Virginia to join the USS Eisenhower. I'm originally from Illinois, and earned my b.a. in philosophy from Illinois State University. I love to write and read. I've written lots of short fiction, for a student newspaper, and a few short plays (one of which has been performed so far). After my current enlistment I'm hoping to take a break from the Navy to go to law school and come back as a JAG. As I've been busy with school, work, writing, and now naval deployments I've had a hard time sustaining relationships. My lack of belief in all things supernatural is one of my strongest traits, and so I'd like to meet a woman who's also non-religious. Feel free to friend or message me.
Hi George, please tell us a little about yourself.
hello i am shiloh shambaugh i live in fort worth texas i have two jobs and i like to read, watch movies, play games, and think about things. i guess i am looking for some one to spend time with and who enjoys life as well as the little things.
Philosophy as a degree may not be very marketable, but wicked interesting.

My dad always said he went to college twice: Once for his career and once for fun.
My profile picture is pretty recent, so I'll skip the photo part. As for an intro; I'm 28 years old and live in Italy. I'm emplyoed by the Navy and have been for about 9 years. I've spent most of that time in San Diego, but did spend about 18 months in Japan a few years ago. I love to travel so the Navy was the perfect choice.

In my spare time I'm working on a degree in Computer Engineering.
Hellooohhh, where the ladies? Strong atheists pref.. OK with single father. I'm a lvr & patient fighter. Iluvfighters.
Greetings all! I'm Regina, 42, currently living in a small town south of Iowa City. I'm a chef by accident, but I've been thinking, considering, and mulling over going back to school (because life is just not crazy enough). I've been atheist for 10+ years, but it's been a long and winding road. I grew up in a Mennonite church, in college I made my way through all sorts of New Age woodom, and did a stint in Landmark for added insanity. I've never been married, have no children, but I do have 3 cats and 2 small (non-yippy)dogs. Hobbies include calligraphy, reading, hiking (see dogs above), & gardening.




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