Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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Nice to meet ya. :)
You do exist!
I know it's shocking isn't it! Tada!
Well you know, some part of me wonders what the world would be like without your existence. Then I conclude that it just wouldn't be the same, in a depressing way. So, keep existing.
I know, it'd be quite depressing wouldn't it?
Well, who else is going to remind me when it is 420 with so much enthusiasm?
There's probably someone out there, but not necessarily like me!

Btw as I type this it's 1:20, which means it's 4:20 somewhere!
humanist celebrants or a judge at city hall.
Hi everybody! I'm 29yrs old living in Indianapolis,IN and trying to meet a woman or two. I'm originally from Pittsburgh,Pa/Columbus,OH and I spent a few years traveling due to being in the military and I'm looking forward to traveling some more. I would like to make it to Europe sometime next year although I don't really know where. I'm looking to meet a woman who enjoys traveling and sometimes just kicking back and relaxing on the couch.

Greetings and salutations! I just posted a new photograph on my AN page. Notice the missing teeth! I knocked them out (well, big chunks of them, anyway) while playing that vicious contact sport tennis. (Laugh) True! My brother visited from Florida, and we were warming up. I went for a forehand; my left knee buckled; I must have had a momentary absence seizure, too, since I didn't put my arms down to break my fall; and I landed smack on my teeth. And it wasn't a grass court!

But apart from the bashed teeth, I came away with only a bruised shoulder, a scrape under my left eye, a small cut above my upper lip, and a couple of small cuts on my knees. I wasn't even in any pain from the teeth (although the shoulder did hurt a bit). My brother had a cell phone with him, and we called the dentist, and his answering service called him, and he called us back, and he saw me that night. I wound up getting root canals on each of the two teeth, and I'll get crowns in a week or so, and then I'll be back to my old charming good looks (or even better, since I seem to have inherited my mother's genes for crooked teeth).

The dentist took the picture for his ten-year-old granddaughter, who was visiting him and who wanted to see what I looked like with knocked-out teeth. (I tell people that a chess opponent took exception to my beating him, and I say, "You should see the other guy." [Smile]) I had him e-mail me a copy and thought I'd put it up for you all to ogle.

See you all later!
Well, since I have the time, lots of time, I thought I should jump in here and say hello to everyone. Not many people out in my area, but in theory lots of atheists... at least according to the last census. So, here we go.

Greetings everyone! My name is Dale. I was born and raised well, non-theist. My parents never tried to push religion on us, but valued faith itself. I have come to reject that, along with all of my siblings. Go figure. I am a 26 year old part-time university student, full time security monitor. I am slowly working through my second degree. I have studied almost everything, either formally or in passing that is outside the fine arts (I am not very artistic outside of writing). I have completed two majors, English and History and plan to finish a minor in Psychology if all things work out.

Lets see, what else can I write about myself. Oh, I am Canadian. Born and raised in western Canada. I have lived in many cities, currently hanging out in Vancouver. I even spent a year teaching English in Japan, both the most terrifying moments of my life and some of the most meaningful. Generally I spend my free time hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing games, enjoying a beer and BBQ or just reading and studying whatever I am working on at the moment.

I guess I shall leave my intro there. Cheers everyone! Hope you are having fun.
Hi, I am 23 currently living in Omaha Nebraska. I grew up in Wichita Kansas and graduated from Wichita State in 2009 with a BS in Medical Technology. Currently I work in a lab doing Microbiology and I like it a lot. I have been an atheist since I was about 16, but I was never really religious to begin with. I spend most of my time reading, going for walks or running and doing yoga. I do not know a lot of people in Omaha but I am meeting more people all of the time so I can get out more and do more exciting things in the area! I am always looking to meet more interesting people and learn more new and exciting things!


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