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Alas, Montreal is a wee bit too much commute for me. Thanks for posting though!

I'm in a college town in one of the relatively blue safe havens here in red-state AZ (Flagstaff). There's gotta be a freethinkers group or something here. I'd start one but me and trying to start social events tends to end in disaster. I'm better off latching onto something already in existence!
I'm Mark Plaid. I live in Cleveland. I'm a single atheist. My profile photo is pretty recent. I just turned 40, but I'm very immature. I have no children. I was married once, to a Catholic, but that fell apart. Our religious differences weren't the exact cause of our split, but it didn't help. Actually when we met I was a Buddhist, but that was fading away for me and the closer I came to atheism, the further we grew apart. Although I seem to be able to hold an agree to disagree relationship with believer friends, I think with a lover it is too close for comfort. My life is complicated at this point and I'm going through a lot of self improvement right now, but I'd rather not discuss the details openly. So, I have no strong desire to get into a serious relationship. However, having said that, the reason why I joined this group is I'm really just "sticking my toe in the water." Otherwise, "Hello!"
How does being bisexual cause problems finding a date? It doubles your chances.
It would seem (and granted, I'm not educated on the subject) that all bisexuals have a preference for one side or the other. That's where that question comes from. It's feasible, even logical, that the preference for either side would be equal. But history shows this is not the case, so that's one question you might not be justified in getting indignant about, though the other points are understandable. I don't want to seem biased in any way, but my suggestion would be to leave Texas. Or at least, South Texas. That area seems to be way too conservative and religious for atheists and/or LGBTs.
I've known a couple of people who don't really have a preference. Their only real consideration is that you catch less flack if you're dating someone of the opposite sex ... but then there's probably an accompanying thrill in annoying the uptight people.
Well, do what I do. Stay the hell out of small towns.

I can see how being bisexual could be a problem with a lesbian who's looking for a long-term relationship. She might feel that you'll be wandering back to guys, when your biological clock starts ticking or something. I've heard lesbians express that concern, whether unfounded or not. I have no opinion on their concerns, since I have no experience being a lesbian, and it doesn't affect me, either way.

Heh, and asking which you like more? Good lord. It's got to be completely different, not really something you can stick a simple greater-than/less-than label on ... and in other ways, it's got to be similar enough that it doesn't matter, since sex should be all about being close to someone. The equipment involved is a lesser matter. I've got no use for the male equipment, but if you find both workable, I can see how it would be satisfying either way, whichever the person you've become attached to happens to have.

I've never heard of guys having a problem with a girl being bisexual, though ... I mean fundies, sure, but I assume you've already disqualified anyone who's a religious nut who would object to homosexuality on religious grounds.
There is always another choice. "The only thing in life you have to do, is that you have to be born, and at some point, you have to die." - Lou Tice. Everything else is a consequence of the choices you make, and nothing more. If you really want to leave the small town life and strike out on your own, you will find away. I agree with Joseph's views on sex and relationships, but you're never gonna find what you want in a small, close-minded southern town.
I would absolutely have a problem with a woman being bisexual. I would never want to be with someone who isn't totally into guys. Fortunately, that's such a small segment of the population that, practically speaking, it's not likely to ever be an issue.

Hello all, My name is Ray, 34, Griffin Ga. I had a child who passed away in 2008 but don't have any children now. I have tattoos. I own my own home. I can have fun doing just about anything. I'm a bit of a dork sometimes. I like to laugh and make other people laugh. I have fun bowling although I'm no good at it. I'm addicted to karaoke. Concerts, festivals and any "cook-off" draws me in. I want to find love, start a website, patent an invention, start a business, enjoy love, see the world, skydive, write a book, start a non-profit org and live life to the fullest. Can you be there to inspire and encourage me? I have lots of love to give in return to a true friend. Just me and you, we can conquer the world. Wanna know more about me? Ask, I'm also friendly.
Gotta say, I really love the border tattoos on your shoulders (like bordering the important part of a picture?). Very creative!
Thanks Jo! I plan to get more.
Hey, Ray; Good to meet you. I, too, lost a child. I'm sorry. I know how it feels. Hang in there.


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