What works for you? What didn't work? Any disasters? Anyone bold enough to go to a religious singles group as an atheist?

OK Cupid - A good dating site.

Local outdoor clubs and science groups.

The outdoor clubs I've been involved in tend to have about as many parties as nature hikes. Science groups tend to have smart people, and (so far) no overtly religious people.

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Excluding the meetups, it bums me out to think of how small the chances are of going out some place and actually meeting a freethinker (especially in the south).
I definitely agree. You have to look hard around here (atlanta) that's for sure.
Yea, I know what you mean. I Live in Bush country, where openly admitting your an atheist puts you on the neighborhood watch list, right above child predator. Finding a date is difficult since about 80% of the population is written off from the start... At least I have convinced most of my friends that being an atheist , does not in fact, make me a devil-worshipper.

So... I guess i'm making progress :)
I know what you mean, living in TX especially the smaller towns, being an Atheist is not good at all. I remember growing up and made the mistake of openly saying i was an atheist and alot of my friends almost quit talking to me.
I wish my neighbors thought I was a devil worshiper. Then they would stop bringing me cookies and stuff as a veiled attempt to try and sneak in the good word.
Kristopher, you look just fine to me. Just keep looking. I'll give you the best advice I've ever received about dating. What one person doesn't like about you, the right person will love. It doesn't matter what she didn't like, just be true to yourself and open to finding love. Happy post-Valentine's Day.
Believe it or not, I recently met a VERY like-minded Atheist on Match.com. She listed herself as the oxymoronish "Spiritual But Not Religious", because she occasionally would get semi-threatening responses when she posted Atheist. As it is understandably less secure for gals to advertise their free-thinking beliefs on such dating sites, if we guys put it all out front, especially in a clever Bart Simpsonish-style, they will find us. It worked for me!
Has anyone else tried Plenty of Fish? It's one of the few sites that is completely free. I've talked with quite a few atheists on the site, which seems like a positive sign. Though I live in a pretty non-religious area in Oregon, so perhaps it would be different somewhere else! Nonetheless, I'd say it's worth a try.
Meetup.com has saved my ass here in Missouri, since I am new here and don't know the area. I have found a ton of rationalist/skeptic/freethinker groups that are in my area that I intend to try out at some point. I also found a singles group that seems not to have a religious agenda, and I am going to their meet up soon.

I was actually in several outdoor clubs when I lived in Memphis... awesome folk, but no one even close to my age in them. And yes, they do know how to party. lol

Worst experience I ever had with a dating site was probably eHarmony. Like was mentioned earlier, there is no same-sex option, and besides, even when channeling the other side of my psyche all I got was this really strange sounding guy in rural Missouri who sounded like a chauvenistic asshole. Not to mention I got kicked off the site for using a fucking brand name in what I thought was a fairly funny joke. Geez, no one appreciates my humor. : (

My brother found a most excellent atheist girlfriend on OK Cupid. They are in a stable long-term relationship, and seem very happy & well matched.

I'm on there now too, and I'd have to say it's by far the best site I've seen in terms of usability of the interface, good features, good design. I haven't found love yet, but this is the most hopeful I've been in the sense that I think it can actually increase my chances, where all the other sites seem like a total crap shoot.
Of the websites I've tried, I like OKcupid the best. Oh hell, here's my 22 cents on all the ones that I've been on:

eharmony-expensive. And since I live in a smaller community, I had to widen the mileage of my searches to get any decent matches, which means more driving on weekends. I didn't like that I could only see the matches they wanted me to see, which was frustrating. On the other hand, it cut down on my own time that I would spend in filtering out on the other sites. This site might be worth the money if you lived in a large city. There were a number of atheist/agnostic/spiritual but not religious people that would turn up in a search, although I suspect way more of the religious type that I never got to see.

match-not as expensive (especially if you can get in on a deal), but watch out when you try to quit. I did it for 6 months and went through the whole "I quit" web page, checked the box why, and never looked back. Until they charged my account and I had to call them to tell them to suck it. A friend of mine had the same experience. Frustrating in that I could have spent all day searching and weeding out, winking until my eyes lost all ability to wink an additional wink, and only had a few decent matches. Also frustrating in that it's difficult to tell who is a paid in full member and worthy of the wink in the first place. Decent number of our ilk would show up in searches.

plentyoffish-free and full of spambots and con people. Beware of anyone who calls you "pretty lady" in the heading. The forum is good, though.

american singles-free, but avoid avoid avoid. The only purpose of this website, from what I experienced, is to recieve emails from stranded Nigerian princes.

OKcupid-free, user friendly, fun quizzes to help with the filtering process. Still some spambots around, but easier to tell if they're real people. I quite like this site and wish I had found it sooner-and yes, I'm dating someone I met on there now. (must. resist. urge. to. squeeeeeeee.)

And fyi, I hate this whole unnatural meet online way that seems to be the only avenue for we atheists. Meetups are great, but I'm finding them full of happily married couples or kids half my age...




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