What works for you? What didn't work? Any disasters? Anyone bold enough to go to a religious singles group as an atheist?

OK Cupid - A good dating site.

Local outdoor clubs and science groups.

The outdoor clubs I've been involved in tend to have about as many parties as nature hikes. Science groups tend to have smart people, and (so far) no overtly religious people.

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Updating here, I had so-so luck with match.com - I really like the interface, and I found a couple of decent matches, no chemistry though. If I was still looking I'd be looking there for certain.

I found out that "agnostic" is sometimes a sort of code word for religious smarty-pants guys who want to have their cake and eat it too - superstitious god-submissive guys who want to feel superior to this or that organized religion, but still smooch their imaginary friend and assume that atheists must have some "issue" with religion other than god being pretend. So "Agnostic" would be on my NO GO list.

I'm outta here though! I found a fantastic freethinker guy on Craigslist of all places. Wow. I was honestly just looking for a causal "friends with benefits" kind of situation, found another BlackMetal fan, thinking to just watch movies and whatnot, trade CDs, hang out, but accidentally fell crazy in love with him almost immediately. I'm like grotesquely happy right now. So... keep on keeping on folks, life is full of surprises.
I have now met 2 women online that were nice enough, but not compatible with me. One was from POF and the other from OKC. So now I am traveling a bit farther (850 mi) to meet the 3rd - she found me on OKC. We have been conversing virtually every evening for a month now, so I'm very optimistic - and yes she is a confirmed atheist (finally!). I hope everything works out because I will be visiting her for 3 whole days in Austin, TX. With any luck, I will be able to quit this group soon!
I'm an atheist, liberal, don't drink at all, and vegan... and I prefer to date same or very similar (like they could be Buddhist or Pantheist, moderate, drink only very occasionally, and not revolve all their meals around meat)... I'm not holding my breath! ;-)

I'm on OKC and have only met in person one match from there. We were not really all that compatible and he lives too far away (4 hours), so we're occasional hiking buddies and email pals. I haven't met anyone from my town, it's a conservative military town where any atheists are likely to be in hiding.

Has anyone tried an atheists-only dating site? I checked one out (can't recall now which one), but found no one from my area.
I've tried OKCupid, and I don't like it, primarily because their "matching" system doesn't actually work for the things that are important to me. For instance, if you write a question and then designate it "mandatory", you will still get so-called "matches" that don't actually meet the criteria. Similarly, there is no way to screen for certain items, some of which are very important. For example, there is no way to screen out anyone who already has children. Or to screen IN those who want to have them in the future.

Lastly, the response rate is so low that it's just not a good use of my time. In order to get one response, it takes about 50 letters, and given the amount of time required to write a good, thoughtful, interesting letter, (about a half hour each) that's just not very effective. In far less time, I could go to a party, meet 10 women and come home with 8 phone numbers.

It's a nice system, but it's got some fatal flaws. If they would ever fix those, I'd use it.



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