I couldn't. I've never had a relationship with a woman who was very religious. I think it would be a constant source of disagreement. OTOH, Darwin was married to a religious woman for most of his life, so it does happen. What has been your experience?

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Can't do it. Actually married twice, and both became religious fundamentalists during the course of our marriage. I guess that means I drive women to god! LOL! No more. Only non-theists from here on out.
There is absolutely no way i would ever date a religious person. For me, the main attraction to a man is how he thinks, and i find it incredibly sexy when a man has the ability to reason and be logical as well as have a sensitive side, i like when people know where to draw the all important line between reality and fiction.

Believing in a god instantly tells me that a person is lacking some kind of ability to properly reason - which makes me sound terrible i know, but when a person simply 'needs' to have that belief because they cannot comprehend the natural explanations, it really turns me off big time.

Plus, as one who definitely wants to be a mother in time, i do not want to raise my children in a household of conflicting beliefs - i want to raise my children how i want thus i look for a partner with values as similar to my own as can be. Of course there will be the odd differing opinion, it would be unrealistic not to expect that - but with things that definitely matter, such as a worldview and morality, i want someone who shares mine and will not make my kids think that their mother is a sinner and that they too will be if they do not have faith in an invisible man in the sky!
Amen to that! I don't know how people can tell children that their parents are sinners and going to hell.
I read recently within the past month, I forget where, that according to research some 650,000 Americans become nontheists (this number includes all nontheist varieties, not just those who become atheists) annually, and that as a result by about the year 2050 fully 25% of Americans will be nontheist. So it looks as if time will eventually be on our side.
Oh, i never meant to imply that religious people are stupid, i know that they aren't. However, it seems that ordinarily intelligent people still often fall prey to religion and what bothers me is the fact that it occurs, that actual intelligent people still feel the need to think in such a manner, it's like an emotional fulfillment or something, that they cannot get from anything else.

Like you said, there's smart and intelligent on both sides - just that even the smart amongst us often do not seem to think as logically as they would like to think they do.
What? The whole world doesn't revolve around me??? LOL!!!
I could not, because I could not respect that kind of man. Gay xtians are really, really obnoxious.
Man, if there's plenty of pork and shrimp in hell, I'll be happy to join all you guys down there. Them's good eats. Fried shrimp, seafood boil, and pulled pork that's been cooking all day in a big 'ol trailer mounted smoker are some of the things that makes living in the bible belt nice. We eat well.
Thanks to my colossal failures with women in the past, I'm going to give it a tentative Maybe. Depending on the level of her religiosity.
Been there, done that, total fiasco.
Maybe for a chance to discuss issues at great length and capture momentary glimpses of pragmatism seeping in, ever so gradually, knowing all the while that seeds of doubt will soon sprout and split open the cracks in the millstone of dogma.
I doubt I'd wind up falling for an overly religious person. Since the issue of religion and it's impact on the world is something that interests me so much I'd be having to hold back on discussing something that I really like to talk about. It's not that I couldn't date someone that was if I found out later and had already fallen for them, but I doubt I'd get very far in a relationship before it came up and my opinions became known. Other kinds of woo woo belief would likely be a turn-off as well though.



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