I couldn't. I've never had a relationship with a woman who was very religious. I think it would be a constant source of disagreement. OTOH, Darwin was married to a religious woman for most of his life, so it does happen. What has been your experience?

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I've had slightly religious, hardcore religious and some people who don't know what to believe so they bounce back and forth between belief and disbelief. None of them worked out well but that probably doesnt have too much to do with religion. I had one who was a real hardcore bible thumper which was really annoying. I had another who I went to church with but we just had 'fun' in an empty room there and then I left before the religious bullshit started. But hey, if there is a god, shouldn't he have struck me down for fornicating on his 'holy' grounds? Now I refuse to date anyone unless they are atheist or at least agnostic, which as I'm sure most people can imagine, is very difficult to find.
Greetings, new to the group.

I can safely say I would not... I dated several Christians in college, one for about two years and was engaged to him about four months. It was fine, until he started seminary and had to meet a soul-saving quota. I must've heard his recruiting spiel about three or four times, and it got REALLY old. Not to mention I eventually felt I became a personal liability to his schooling, being atheist and bi. Either one of these (just me doing/being these, not him) would have gotten him kicked out of seminary and blacklisted wherever he went.

Life Lesson there: never, EVER date a seminary student. Unless they are in the Flying Spaghetti Monster seminary. :D

Pastafarian Pastors: It's not the size of the appendage, it's the sensitivity of the touch.
I have before, and I wouldn't recommend it. For one thing, highly religious people tend to not be very logical in their thinking in most aspects of their lives. Worse than that is of course the tension it creates in the relationship. In both my cases, the religious differences were a major factor in things not working out.
Also both times the women couldn't reconcile their feelings for and activities with me (you can read between the lines on that one), with their religiously imposed dogma of behavior and 'right and wrong'.
"For one thing, highly religious people tend to not be very logical in their thinking in most aspects of their lives."

Excellent point Lorne. When people say "You're biased against me because of my religion," it's not so much that ... I'm leery of your general thinking and moral structure that leads you to and keeps you in that religion.
In fairness to Darwin, it was only after he was married, had children, and had already devoted the lion's share of his life to his wife that he became an atheist.

As for me; I've dated very religious women with expected results. I used to try and hide my atheism on first dates but for a while now it's become my primary filter. If the person I'm with is not an atheist, I can only see unending arguments and misery for the both of us.
I began talking to a religious guy once. He drove me insane preaching all the time about how my lifestyle was wrong, and I need to change. That religious men go further in life than men who didn't have faith. I actually took his bullshit for a while there. I was actually considering 'change.' I'd take part in his religious crap too. Until one day, I asked him to accompany me to another religious event for a friend of mine (which wasn't his denomination or whatever) And he freaked out. I had to cut the rope he was choking me with. And I did it by throwing a bible at his face. Literally.
No way, no how. No religion, no smoking, no drugs (don't like to argue that much, can't stand the smell, drug addicts in the family)...those are my three "musts"...then, of course, I have a bunch of "wishes", but I'm open to a variety of new experiences and personalities (I love learning new things, so having a significant other with different hobbies allows for that, but then I also love sharing some of my hobbies...and then I also like having some different interests)... But I could never be with a religious man 'cause I know we would argue all the time, and, then, I'm attracted to intellectuals and I have a hard time thinking of a deluded person as an intellectual...
Well put Jennifer. There are a few issues on which I have zero interest in 'learning to live with.' Smoking is a huge one. Religion, or lack thereof; I just don't see getting along with someone if we aren't on the same page on that level.

Drugs/drinking; I too have addiction in the family and avoid these, though I have met some people who use/drink very mildly and responsibly. I might be the only person on the A/N group "Legalize it!" who has never actually used pot and probably never will.
That's because the smokey, billowing campfire A) smells pleasant and B) rarely contains nicotine, cyanide, or any of the other ingredients in tobacco that we are allergic to.

In all seriousness though, good luck on quitting smoking!

No way,

1. I like hiking and if for some reason I am feeling romantic and want to sleep on top of a mountain, only to get to the top, and hear something about "God's work" I would lose it.
2. Someone has already mentioned this, but what happens with the kids (if we have any)? I could not put my kids thru the same nonsense I had to go thru.
3. For the same reason I don’t date people that believe in mother goose or the tooth ferry (they are crazy).
4. I hate to argue (Note: argue, not, have a civil conversation, which is almost impossible with these people)

It is hard to find atheists, never mind, your atheist soul mate, but there aint nothing wrong with solitude.
"It is hard to find atheists, never mind, your atheist soul mate, but there aint nothing wrong with solitude."

{Vigorous applause}

While I don't lack for sex drive and would really love a soulmate to share that awesome mountain view with, I'd still rather be alone for the right reasons than with someone for the wrong ones.

I've met people (mostly women) who will compromise their religion (or lack thereof), morals, political beliefs, what have you just for the sake of having that sex partner.



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