I couldn't. I've never had a relationship with a woman who was very religious. I think it would be a constant source of disagreement. OTOH, Darwin was married to a religious woman for most of his life, so it does happen. What has been your experience?

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"Church of Nymphomania" lol.....now that would be a church I would join haha
yeah... i'd definately put a dollar in that plate. ummm... so to speak.
that's a good point. i think it has more to do with monotheistic religions and they're need to convert and belief in "chosen people" and that their fairy tale beats everyone else's fairy tale. good point.
I could probably date a moderate. My mother is moderate and we've always gotten along great.

I could never date anyone who was "very religious," though. Maybe it depends on what you mean but that but I don't think it could happen.
No, I have too many strong opinions on the matter and it would just cause arguments. Plus I would probably mock them....and they probably wouldnt like that.
Well, the problem is never really whether *I* would date a highly religious person, but more that highly religious people generally have a problem dating "Oh, [we] of little [i.e. no] faith", if they TRULY believe in their convictions. I'm pretty equal-opportunity, myself.

I dated a Muslim man, for a very short period of time. The disconnect came less from any religious beliefs, on his part, and more from his cultural mandates about the "roles" of men and women in the world and in a relationship. Three years down the road, though, we are still friends -- albeit distant. I've also dated a Zoroastrian, an Armenian man of high Christian values, a practicing Jew, and a bevvy of samples from the traditional Christian spectrum (including once-upon-a-teenage-time, a Mormon!). I have incredible interest in cultural diversity, so I've always been openly interested in personal traditions and customs (from an anthropological perspective) - especially those that differ from my own experience. Most of my dates, however, have either been non-theists or non-practicing, even if believing; or it hasn't gone "far" enough for the topic to come up.

For me, there is quite a difference between "dating" someone (read: fun times, casual, not really focused on long-term potential) and forming a serious relationship with someone. I can definitely "date" without getting too deep into personal philosophies and worldviews, or at least tolerate vast differences therein. Again, the problem is typically the other person being intolerant of my views. That said, religion or otherwise, anyone that is going to stand, let alone enjoy, spending any significant time with me is likely to be a very critical thinker all the way around. If not, I'll wear them into the ground -- quickly. In that respect, I welcome divergent opinion, as long as its deliberative and not combative. It only serves to strengthen my own convictions, if I don't adjust to a fantastic and irrefutable counter-argument presented in defense of an alternate perspective.
If you both match that much she's probably not that Catholic. A lot of people call themselves a part of a faith simply because that's the one they were raised in. If she's like most (American) Catholics she doesn't attend Mass very often and likely (as this is true of nearly all religious people) has no idea what her religion says about much of anything beyond the hot button social issues.
Absolutely not. If I were capable of such I would not be single right now. I can't date anyone who is anything other than agnostic or atheist. No superstitious belief at all.
I wouldn't mind dating a religious person, as long as (s)he didn't try to 'convert' me and/or show any kind of fanaticism, or try to impose his/her lifestyle on me. However, I guess our 'philosophical differences' could eventually bring some troubles over time, especially if that other person is fond of attending a lot of rituals instead of spending time with me. ;)
I could. As long as my boyfriend new I that I was all knowing and all powerful and he worshipped me in this life and in the next life as well! lol

oh hellllll naw!

I can barely tolerate highly religious people, much less date one. I remember once going out on a date with this one dude who knew I was an atheist upfront and he proceeded to tell me on our first (and only) date that the world was going to end and just had to look at the signs around me! Yeah, I never talked with that man again!
Theist are nothing if not entertaining!
I dated a Lutheran before. He was a great person but his belief kept getting in the way. I used to go to church with him and even took bible study to try to understand his faith. I couldn't help but think it was all ridiculous. He even wanted his parents to believe he was still a virgin and he was in his late 20s. We had many issues and most of them had to do with his religion.
My ex-wife was very catholic. Her beliefs did present a source of friction, but the one thing that I found amusing was that I knew more about the bible than she did.



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