I couldn't. I've never had a relationship with a woman who was very religious. I think it would be a constant source of disagreement. OTOH, Darwin was married to a religious woman for most of his life, so it does happen. What has been your experience?

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Could I date a highly religious person? Only if they were heavily sedated. Or really drunk. Speaking of drunk, I did date a Catholic girl who attended church every Sunday for a while. She was an awful lot of fun after a couple of drinks. But her father gave her too much of a hard time about me not being religious so we went our separate ways.
“Been there, done that” but didn’t even get the T-shirt :( . I would have to say “NO”, and would not recommend it. The relationship I was in was fine, had stood the test of time etch. In the end religion was used as a excuse to end things.
not at all
It's hard to say. There are so many factors that play in to something like that. But in the long run, probably not.
I couldn't have a deeply personal and intimate relationship with a hard core believer. I just couldn't! As someone else posted here, I would find it difficult to respect their beliefs in a higher power and thought-reading, let alone an eternity in hell or eternity anywhere, for that matter!

I can hold my atheist position very well in a debate, so it wouldn't be much fun to debate anything with my believing partner. No, I am certain I could only have a partner relationship where we both agree on the complete and utter lack of the supernatural guy in the sky. Now aliens, on the other hand...
Never i am tolerating my parents that's enough! even if stay single forever!
Absolutely not. One of the most enjoyable things I do is denounce religion as the bane of humanity.
Brandy is awesome!
The last 7 or 8 women that I was with immediately ended the relationship, when they found out that i was an athiest. It didn't matter that we got along great or how much we liked each other. They refused to have a relationship with an athiest. Two of them wanted me to convert so that they could be with me.
never- why make compromises to my way of life? am i oligophrene?
I have and on top of that I married a highly religious woman, a Catholic, had a daughter with her... long story, after that marriage disolved, and after repeatedly saying that I would never get married again, six years later I got married again to an ex Catholic that tought a Lutheran sunday school, that marriage disolved about 4years ago. Over the past four years I have reflected alot... I really must have been really nieve. I guess I never really thought that religion was that big of a deal in a relationship, after all religion is a personal belief, right? or maybe I really just needed a friend...???

I have never believed in god, and now I see that for a relationship to work, there needs to be a similar foundation of philosophy. I see now that religion isn't a personal belief, that it is a personal "mission" to convert the whole of humanity into believers.

I'm on Plenty of Fish, it's a dating site,a nd have come to realize that when someone puts non-religious under religion that that doesn't mean they don't believe in god that just means that they don't go to church religiously.

Then coming on here(A/N), I see all these atheists, with smiles and who look completely happy, and I wonder how can they look so happy and be so happy, telling jokes and acting as if they are truely happy??? And that reminded me of a song by Nirvana ~"Dumb"..."or am I just happy..." Please don't take that personally, after all, I've been happy before (above), and married two religulousoes, in my blissfullness, exstaticness, I have done some stupid shit!! Is that the meaning of the "comedy of error"?
"I'm on Plenty of Fish, it's a dating site,a nd have come to realize that when someone puts non-religious under religion that that doesn't mean they don't believe in god that just means that they don't go to church religiously."

I wen't to plenty of fish, and someone on there put non-religious because they didn't want to be judged for her religion..

She lacked the critical thinking skills to realize, that in doing so, she attracted someone like, someone VERY critical of religion.

We met up, talked, though her religion bleed through in the conversation, we wound out making out. Sent me for a emotional roller coster ride..

All could've been avoided if she put "christian"

But at the same time, it was a beautiful experience that I don't think I would ever take back, but logically a mormon and a atheist.. NO




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