I couldn't. I've never had a relationship with a woman who was very religious. I think it would be a constant source of disagreement. OTOH, Darwin was married to a religious woman for most of his life, so it does happen. What has been your experience?

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I will probably never date a religious person again, unless maybe a Buddhist. Never another monotheist though, espeically a Christian.
My first wife came from a very Catholic family, whereas I have always been atheist (since the age of about 6 - no kidding). I refused to marry her in a Catholic ceremony, so we compromised and had a civil ceremony in a small chapel (only the superficial trappings of religion, without the mumbo jumbo). But she was not very religious and very private about her beliefs, whatever they really were. My second wife was atheist, so no problem there. Now that I am single again, it is something of a problem trying find a date, living in Kansas and all. But I am adamant that "I don't do christians". I share the sentiment several have expressed that, in order to be serious about someone, I have to respect them. I can't respect anyone who buys into a pre-packaged belief system rather than thinking for themselves. That said, I guess the key word in the subject is 'highly' - if a person is private about some personal spirtual feelings that is just fine. As long as they don't run their lives according to some divine ordination or expect me to, I guess not all forms of 'spirituallity' would be a deal-breaker. But maybe I'm just getting old and desperate...
no thank you!


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