Well, we're in a singles group, right? So here goes.

I am obviously an atheist, or I wouldn't be here. This particular group was appealing to me because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, any lady lovin' lady I meet here will be an atheist like me, and she'll also be single. :)

So, I am 31, a recent graduate with an IT degree. I am a passionate writer, and that is how I am making my living until I find a job more in line with my field. I am a bleeding heart liberal, child free and planning to remain that way, and a fierce activist for the secular and LGBT rights causes. 

I am a total geek, and I love to read. I'll literally read almost anything, so long as it's at least mildly interesting. I am also a social media addict, at least in the realm of utilizing those tools to promote causes I care about.

I am seeking someone similar. I am not terribly picky, just since she is an atheist(or some version of nontheist), child free, and out of the closet, I'm game. I am a fun, easy going, people loving girl! I like almost everyone, for real. So, if you're a single lady lovin' lady aged 28-45, hit me up. Even if we do not hit it off in a romantic way, I am sure we'll be great pals. This is just one picture, feel free to PM for more, or, if you're really cool, skype!

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Sounds good, except I fail the Y-chromosome test.  ^.^

... and lives in the Seattle area.

Meh, location isn't a concern, if anything comes of it, I'll work that out.

Cool, Paul. Thanks for the tip.



We can still be friends, Orson! Message me anytime.


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