Hey freind,honestly am tired of living alone.

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Got any friends that could use some extra money? Maybe you could rent a room from a friend. Getting un-single isn't the only way to not live alone. Or you could change your perspective; single and living alone means not having anyone to answer to about how you live and how you keep your home. Right now, I'd love to live alone, but I can't afford it so I continue to live with family. Just had the house to myself for 2 hours (a rarity) and did the best I could to enjoy it.
B-girl has a good point. There are a lot advantages to living alone. It only takes one bad relationship to remind you of that. As they say in Spanish, 'Mejor solo que mal acompanado". You are a young guy with plenty of opportunity yet to meet someone (although atheist in Uganda could be tough, too). You may have periods on your own, but those are also times when you can learn to savour the luxuries of solitude.
When I gave up my former Jewish religion, I also realized that marriage is unnecessary and it is probably better for a couple to just live together than to have an official marriage ceremony. A couple might be very committed to each other but each must admit that in the event that one or both of their personalities or temperaments changes, it might be necessary to end the relationship, and an official marriage ceremony or document makes separating so much more difficult.
I rather enjoy living alone. I can think of many things I don't have to worry about.
Nobody to get pissed off about me leaving the toilet seat up. Nobody snoring all night. I don't have to pretend like someone else's cooking tastes good. I don't have to throw 3 dozen pillows on the floor just to get to the bed. (Seriously ladies, what's that all about anyway?)

Anyway, getting depressed about being alone will never get someone to want to be with you. Women don't find depressed men very attractive. On the other hand, I have never seen a woman leave a man that wasn't depressed.
You know, sometimes it's just good to say it and be heard.

I hear you, Micheal.
I'm tired of living alone too! Almost 10 years now. I am ready to shack up:) I have never shacked up........
I'm kinda curious why you think you could get someone to shack up with you but not do whatever other type of arrangement you're used to. Seems like if you could get one, you could get the other.
I've lived alone for many years and in some ways I love it, but I have to admit I do get lonely sometimes. I really miss having someone to care about me and having someone to care about. I wish I was in a relationship but it has to be someone special. I'm not going to settle for just anyone.
You cannot be too picky or you will never hook up with a woman.
It is always better to shack up with someone than to get married. There should really be a nicer term than "shacking up".
If you see a faded sign on the side of the road saying 15miles to the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3YqaIxDp_0
B-Girl make lots of good points you know Micheal.Make the most of the freedom , some folks would love to be able to be such a free spirit.

When ever i go getting a bit tired of being single , i go visit a couple of friends of mine, both in relationships where they get lots of wonderful continual ear bashings .I usually tend to find i leave their place with a very different point of view ,and a plurry splitting head ache to boot... And hallelujah ! ...once again i find im quickly healed ! of my feeling of needing to hurry in getting myself roped down .

Dont try and rush it Micheal .It can be dangerous


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