I suggest, that every member of AN, who is single and looking, should indicate this in the profile and encourage others to initiate contact.  

Lonely people, who hide their search, have not much chance to be contacted.  

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Eh, I'm not really here to meet women.  Not that I don't want to, but I have other aliases fer that

Heh heh heh.  Why no, your phrasing doesn't sound at all sketchy, Orson.

I have no picture, because I refuse to be either selected or rejected by a picture.   I am here on AN hoping to find a mindmate who is attracted to between other things my being an atheist.   I dislike men, who drool over women's bodies and women's pictures.   I send a picture, when I perceive myself as respected as a person. 

How's that working for you?

ROTFLMFAO unless your being sincere instead of sarcastic then just ignore the rotflmfao

I feel the same way because we are a shallow species so we choose with our eyes instead of getting to know someone.

Kelly, that's not fair. Not everyone is photogenic - I know I'm not. And I've found that putting a picture on your profile pretty much guarantees that 90% of the populace will never read it.

Kelly, pictures can be exchanged without posting them here.

Thanks for the advice.  It just didn't occur to me to state I was single and looking.  Not being sarcastic here. 

To be even somewhat effective as a dating site this site would have to have some searchable fields e.g. Likes/Dislikes, Has kids/Wants kids, geographic region.  Hmmmm, what else???  Oh, yeah Male/Female looking for Male/Female (that one would be seem important).  I'm guessing the Atheist population isn't big enough to justify an Atheist Mingle site like the ChristianMingle site, which occasionally advertises in header banner at the top of the page for some inexplicable reason.  

I strongly disagree.  If there is an additional field for being either partnered or single and looking, and if the member search allows this to be searchable and the age group, this would be sufficient.

It is the single and searching person's job to indicate as much of what is important in their profile.   Single and looking is the one principally significant information.   I do not suggest to convert AN into an imitation of a dating site, only to facilitate matchmaking as a side effect.

Hello,  yes the cards are stacked against you if you an Atheist? Even if you put you are an Atheist on say Match.com you will still get emails of persons who are your match even though they are Christian or Catholic.  Crazy.......

So-  Any single MI males who are Atheist and over 42+ who love not only science, books, art, music, museums, & geek stuff, but also outdoors, animals, sports, summer and the water and have a truck that can pull a boat?  

I have the boat, need the friend with the hitch and love of summer time fun.........  :0




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