AN statistics....

At this moment, AN has 17,397 male members.   

I assume, that 10%, 1,740, are in my probably underrepresented age group - I am 62.
I assume, that 50%, 870, have a BA or higher, AN probably attracting men of above average education.
I assume, that 5%, 43, are single and childfree.   

So there are probably 43 men on AN, and each of them could be monogamous, lonely and looking for a woman like me.   But I am active on AN now since two months, and not one of them has so far contacted me.   

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You're leaving out gay guys.  Also, the distribution isn't nearly as even as you're representing.

Basically, you're making a whole lot of assumptions.  Atheist Nexus is very US/Canada/Australia-heavy.  Of those theoretical 43, how many do you think are anywhere near Germany?

A guess of probabilities can only be based upon assumptions.  

My search is world wide.   At the age of retirement, with email, skype and airtravel, geographical distances are much easier to overcome than mental distance.  

Better a suitable man from Australia than a christian breeder next door.

I say don't give up Maruli. The things you are looking for in a relationship are unique. I'm unique also. I was on OK Cupid for 4 months and not a single person contacted me. Then someone did and I'm in a relationship that exceeds my dreams. Seien Sie geduldig. Es commt.

Thanks for your encouraging words.   

Unfortunately people do not really care about others.    I wonder, how many members of AN know a maverick, a shy and reticent guy in their neighborhood, family or at their job, who is lonely and looking for a woman like me.    But they are not bothered to tell him about me........




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