Is this a site for atheist singles to come and wallow in self-pity or to actually meet someone?!?!


Every discussion is just people complaining about their situation...well I'm a Go Getta!!!!  Enough feeling down and out of place - if you are a girl in Los Angeles and a free-thinker by whatever label then feel free to hit me up.


I'm a 28 year old computer software engineer and I'm just great (easier than just listing out my qualities - which I always find funny that people look at that.....wouldn't it ALWAYS be biased?)  Here is the list anyway:


What am I looking for then?  I'm glad you asked.  First and foremost, appearance and physique (no requirements, but you should know where you stand)  and anyone who says looks don't matter is either ugly or lying to you because you are ugly.  I agree that looks aren't everything, for example even the hottest girl will be turned down if she thinks the earth is 6000 years old or that Adam and Eve are real (yes, I walked out on a girl when she insisted that Adam and Eve are real).  Second, intelligence...must be smart or no go. 


That is pretty much it....short and smart.  Personally I think that all the other qualities are dependent on these 2 critiera as well as personal philosophy (but since this is Atheist Nexus....thats one down!).  Everything else feeds of these core qualities. 


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I'd say mostly wallowing in self-pity. The odds of anyone on here being close to your age and near enough to date are pretty slim.
By all means, give it a shot. Crazy, improbable things do happen. Maybe you can find a girl who might like moving to LA. It sounds like you're kind of settled, with your job.

But looking over the numbers, we have 751 members in the group. I'm sure well over half of that are relatively inactive. Many of the members are in Canada or Europe. There are 50 states in the US. The chance of finding anyone in your city in the group is rough. The odds of that person being of the opposite sex (if that's what you're looking for) and being within the age range you're looking for ...

I'm just trying to throw in a dose of reality. Crunch the numbers, and I think you'll come to the conclusion that this group isn't a very good resource for finding a casual date.


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