Any single MI (or close) males who are Atheist and over 40+ who love not only science, books, art, music, museums, & geek stuff, but also outdoors, animals, sports, summer and the water and have a truck that can pull a boat?  

I have the boat; need the friend with the hitch and love of summer time fun.........

As long as I am on the water I am happy, even watching you fishing.  Summer is right around the corner.


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Darn, I have all of that, with the exception of being in MI. Good luck!

Just my luck, nice pic.

You rang my bell! I'm in Dearborn, Michigan. Is Lucy short for Lucifer?

lol, no-   but funny in numerous ways.

That's about all I can do when trying to be funny. It happens every two years or so, so I guess I won't talk to you for a couple of years! Good luck in your search for love.

Thanks, sorry for the slow response, you to.  What is new in Dearborn ?  Did you grow up there?

yes, I did grew up in Dbn. "Looking for love in all the wrong places.:(" or is "Lucy in the sky" a better song?

I'm just a hairy drooler!

Cain and Lucifer would make a devilish pair, don't you think? I would rather you called me Charlie Brown, the eternal football kicker always landing flat on his back.

I bet you live in Hell, Michigan!:)




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