Hey, my name is Jessica and I'm from a small town outside of Tulsa Ok.  I'm having a hard time meeting any atheists.  Right now I would settle for someone that didn't look at me like I was going to eat their soul when I tell them I'm an atheist. Anyone else live in this little corner of hell the bible belt? 

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Yeowch. That place is as dinky as Youngsville, which is a small town around here that's about the same distance from Raleigh. Tulsa isn't Raleigh though. Isn't Tulsa kind of fundie central? I vaguely remember something about a whole bunch of evangelical groups being centered there ... one of the major televangelists, maybe.
Oral Roberts University. Yeah people here are a different breed of batshit crazy.
Ahhhhh, yeah, that would be the one.
I don't actually live in tulsa, I live in a tiny town 30 min from tulsa. It's even worse. 1500 ish people and about 8 churches.
I lived in Tulsa from 81-91 so I feel your pain. I live in Kansas City now which isn't as bad but christers are here as well. For example, on my campus some weeks back. There were 2 evangelicals stationed outside one of the main classroom buildings, handing out the new testament. By the way, I note how they only hand out that part of the bible these days. I wish I had more time to say something or sit and witness responses to these bible ninjas working. Sadly, as always, I was running late so I had get onto class.

I have friends on facebook that are from Tulsa, I find it amusing that this same bunch who I knew as teenagers are now so into the "gospel." I never heard any one of them say so much as an amen back then. Now they're all into praying for each other.
Well, we get fundamentalist preachers at all three major universities here in the Triangle. The difference is that pretty much everyone stands around and watches them for the entertainment value, between classes, while laughing at them.
I have a feeling that isn't the response from my fellow schoolmates. Later on that day, I overheard a student mention his new testament, stating something about needing it because he was going out a lot. I took it to mean that he needed the "gospel" to save him from his sinning ways. Another time, right after class let out, a classmate stood at the door and handed out flyers for some christian club. As far as I know, I was the only one who refused it.
Wow, what a @#$%^& up university. Secular universities are supposed to be hotbeds of liberal godlessness that will turn your child away from the Truth. At least that's what my literature from Bob Jones University says.

Oh, and am I the only one who finds joy in that particular school acronym?
Yeah, I wanted to file a compliant about it. We also had some pro-lifers writing pro-life views in chalk on our sidewalks. This all was happening within 2 weeks of each other. Right in the middle of mid-terms, I was pissed.

BJU is a trickster, winking at you with its subliminal messages.
I don't actually live in tulsa, I live in a tiny town 30 min from tulsa. It's even worse. 1500 ish people and about 8 churches.

Yeah, I saw in your profile. Not even in fundie central, but on the outskirts. Ouch.
Yeah it's bad. There was a church group walking around with a petition against gays in the military the other day. They knocked on my door.They ask for my signature. I looked at the woman and said I'm a bisexual atheist. She actually walked backwards off my porch like she thought I was going to hurt her.
No fair. I almost half wish I lived somewhere where I could do that sort of thing. I'm not bisexual, but I play one in fundie confrontational occasions.




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