Hey, my name is Jessica and I'm from a small town outside of Tulsa Ok.  I'm having a hard time meeting any atheists.  Right now I would settle for someone that didn't look at me like I was going to eat their soul when I tell them I'm an atheist. Anyone else live in this little corner of hell the bible belt? 

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It doesn't matter that penises may look weird; they're not designed for looking at. For that matter, neither are vaginas.
"Besides, even most straight women think that penises look weird."

Penii do look weird, I've even heard men say they that.


Disregarding the g.o.d. context of course.
Hmm, can't get that video to stream for squat. I think the available bandwidth is getting sucked up by people streaming the rally in Washington DC.

I think it's a bit more natural for guys to think they're weird, though. After all, we're not supposed to be attracted to the people who are equipped with one. Heck, I'm not even interested in heterosexual porn, for what little interest I have in porn in the first place. If I have to watch a naked guy, how is it supposed to be fun?
Yeah, and balls too. What's up with that? Another comedian said something like they're made from leftover elbow skin.
They're not even that pretty. Those Axe Bodywash scrubber commercials give me the willies.
Yeah, I don't get that either. I dealt with that some years back when I first hopped onto chat sites. I did not know the dangers of clicking on cams. Ugh!! As many times as we females state over and over, that NO, we don't want to see your pride and joy, males still try to shove their twig n berries in our face. Ugh, just ugh!

How come they don't get the message!

(Before any men lodge complaints, I know not all men do this but enough to make me wish I could go right through the screen and throw a pot of hot coffee on their crotch.)
Hell, I'm a guy, and I don't get it.
I think some (deluded) men think we secretly want to see it. There are things that women secretly want. Seeing Captain Winky aint one of them!

Even when I'm into a guy but we're in the prelims of dating, if he sends me a photo of his earth worm, I'm puzzled and put off.
p.s.- where is Michael?

I've been wondering the same thing for a while now.
"I love how a perfectly good conversation bashing oklahoma devolved into penis esthetics."

Leave it to a guy trying to interject peen in between 2 women.
Typical isn't it?
Well, where's everyone else? Not my fault I'm the only guy here. :-P



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