So I was with my friend on the bus and she tells me that this girl keeps looking at me and that she's caught her looking at me like 4 times and I should go up to her. I didn't because I thought it was weird to approach a girl on the bus and the only time I've ever seen it done is with some weird guy who doesn't know when to shut up and doesn't realize the girl is just humoring him and is super awkward. So I guess I'm wondering is have you ever approached someone, or been approached, on a bus? Did it go well? No? How about any other time going about your daily business?

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A very long time ago as I was coming home from work on the bus I saw this absolutely beautiful young lady that I'd love to talk to. Now at that time I was a bit of an introvert so approaching women anywhere was a struggle. But, this one time I actually did say hi and chatted about mundane stuff like the weather and poor bus service (Julia, your group needs to travel up to Omaha, Ne and teach them a thing or two) Come to find out the young lady was just that, too young, 16, and I was 23 AND on top of that a johovah witness. :( I ran into her again 2 years later at a bowling alley where my bf introdued us to his future wife who was her bf. She didn't remember me :(
I think it's juuuuuust fine :)
No, but you shouldn't feel weird about it. You should always try and meet new people. A bus is a great conversation starter! No one likes riding on the bus.
at worst she''ll be flattered.
Personally, I'm rather paranoid about approaching someone out of the blue like that. But that's likely the Asperger's and an inherent blind spot when it comes to small talk and casual socialization. But I've done it/had it done with me when there's some genuine segue to conversation. Say, seeing someone in motorcycle leathers; "Hey, what do you ride?" Or if I'm in line for the movies, and one of us makes some comment about the film. Or even "I like your t-shirt" (I'm usually wearing something with a social/political/anti-religion statement).

But when someone approaches me with no reason, just tosses out lines like "Pretty lady" and "Do you have a boyfriend?" mostly while looking everywhere on me but my eyes ... just plain creepy. Get to know me first, show you're interested in me for me, then tell me my eyes are cute. Hell of a lot more believable and meaningful!




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