I am interested in making new friends.  I love to exercise, hike, travel to national parks, cook, visit museums and art galleries.  I am open minded, non judgmental and easy to approach. I love old James Bond movies and I posted their opening music in my videos area. Please feel free to contact me.



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Well you're definitely interesting for friendship. I love talking to professors and especially those of physics/astronomy. I'm off the market for dating, and my age limit is about 30, but I hope you meet some ladies nonetheless. :)
I recommend that you try PlentyOfFish.com, a free online dating site.
Instead of setting the age range, which may even turn off some women who fall in that range, specify that you are interested in starting a family.
I agree with TByte about specifying your interest in starting a family. OKCupid.com is cooler. :)
OKCupid is "cooler", and their essays and statistical research on dating was very informative, but they were purchased by Match dot com not too long ago so I would no longer trust their integrity.
I hadn't heard that - bad news, indeed. :(
Gee. I just turned 36. Darn.




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