Ok, so I've been a solid, hardcore Atheist for almost 10 years now. Unfortunately, I live in a 3-mile-wide conservative town in the middle of the California desert, right along the Nevada border. Dating for me already seems to be difficult for me with the fact that I'm a huge nerd and very liberal. Add Atheism on top of that and the town will rally with pitchforks and torches!

I'm not a closet Atheist, but I don't run around town starting debates. People who know me can figure out I'm not Christian, that's for sure. 

Actually, my main issue is not dating a Christian, but dating non-Christians. You see, anyone I've met in this town that isn't at least a little bit religious is going through that social rebellious stage. In my mid-20s, this is disturbing. It seems that not believing in a God to these people makes it ok for drug and alcohol abuse, unnecessary violence, racism... everything I'm still against even though I'm not some goody-two-shoes Christian.

Anyone else here know what I'm talking about?

Here I am, stuck on the fence. Christians don't want me because I don't believe in God and have tattoos, everyone else wants nothing to do with me because I still have morals.

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One thing you can try is looking for a meet-up group or club for people with an interest that you have or could develop in a scientific type field - astronomy, ecology, alternative fuels, geology, even something like bird-watching or geo-catching. People who are obsessed with god, drugs, or other silliness are unlikely to have a strong interest in something like astronomy, as it requires a little too much focus and intellect. Not everyone you meet there will be single, attractive, or atheist, but if you are working to cultivate a wider circle of friends who are more compatible to your world-view, you'll be on the right track, I think.
Seriously, if you're living in a small conservative town, it may be impossible for you to find someone compatible there. You're a member of a minority. You might want to think about moving to a larger place where you'd be more likely to meet someone compatible, and where you could be happier due to having a larger network of friends.

If you really want to stay where you are, you could try to start up a meetup group and get speakers on interesting topics, and then you'd help make your own town a more welcoming place for people like you.

Another alternative would be to take weekend trips centered around doing something enjoyable; you'd have fun and you might meet someone else at the same time. You could try to find conferences in different subjects, for example.


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