Look! There is a dating service for Atheists!


Atheist Dating Service is an online singles site that gives you the best chance to date fellow Atheists.

Atheist Dating Service is a site that provides a completely confidential and secure resource through which you can be quickly and safely hooked up with your dream date within minutes - and we are not exaggerating! Joining our atheist singles club only takes the matter of a couple of minutes and once you have you can start viewing profiles and who knows what can happen from there? Finding a date has never been simpler, faster or indeed cheaper because we are free to sign up to, and there is no complicated process to go through when you join. There are Atheists joining our site on a daily basis and looking for other men and women that they can meet and/or date. Our members have told us that they have never seen another dating site that provides the ease of use and safety that Atheist Dating Service has provided them, and we are also unique in that we are a singles site exclusively dedicated to bringing fellow Atheists together from all over the world. Join us now!

With a membership, you'll have access to custom matchmaking tools that make the dating process easy. Enter our chatrooms to meet other members. Send emails and flirts to members that interest you most. Search by area to find singles that are in the same area as you. At our atheist singles club, connecting with others is easy. So create your account today, and give your personal life a kick start.

Here's the website:

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I wonder if they offer that on the dating service. It might be an option.

Sorry to hear they deleted your pic Damien.

I joined. IDK if it's because of the fact that there aren't a lot of lesbians there or what, but I had no luck. Pay at your own risk.

Yeah, you're looking for a minority of a minority.  Not good odds.  Given that most paid sites only allow you to communicate with other paid members (at least from what I've seen) you'll be dealing with such a tiny percentage of people in any given geographic area.  I'd definitely stick to a site like OK Cupid, if I was a gay guy or a lesbian.

Actually, I found a gay dating community, called One Good Love, that has ridiculously detailed filters in every area from religion to kids. That's the route I am going.

Hmm, is that one a free site or paid?

Paid, but you can see your matches before you actually pay anything, and profiles,etc. And limited contact. I have a ridic # of matches, so I'm gonna join when I get paid on Tues.

I am finding that queer areas work better for dating, atheist areas work better for friends..

Hmm.  And can you actually communicate with non-paid members?

That's one of the ways that Match.com gets you.  Their site is pure bullshit.  If you're a paid member, you can send messages to anyone.  But the people you send messages to can only read your messages if they're paid members.

Are you SURE you're able to communicate with non-paid members?  Otherwise, you're likely throwing your money down a hole, as most of your matches won't be able to communicate back.  Check up on this, before you pay.

Thanks for the tip, that is something to think about...I got trapped outta $10 on pinkwink like that...

Yup, lots of sites like that, which don't make the fine print obvious.

Only 13$ a month Jonathan? I pay more than that monthly just for World of Warcraft.

Not gonna pay for a service that is basically outsourcing my own effort.  Hell, I don't even know if I WANT a relationship.  I just wanna play.




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