Look! There is a dating service for Atheists!


Atheist Dating Service is an online singles site that gives you the best chance to date fellow Atheists.

Atheist Dating Service is a site that provides a completely confidential and secure resource through which you can be quickly and safely hooked up with your dream date within minutes - and we are not exaggerating! Joining our atheist singles club only takes the matter of a couple of minutes and once you have you can start viewing profiles and who knows what can happen from there? Finding a date has never been simpler, faster or indeed cheaper because we are free to sign up to, and there is no complicated process to go through when you join. There are Atheists joining our site on a daily basis and looking for other men and women that they can meet and/or date. Our members have told us that they have never seen another dating site that provides the ease of use and safety that Atheist Dating Service has provided them, and we are also unique in that we are a singles site exclusively dedicated to bringing fellow Atheists together from all over the world. Join us now!

With a membership, you'll have access to custom matchmaking tools that make the dating process easy. Enter our chatrooms to meet other members. Send emails and flirts to members that interest you most. Search by area to find singles that are in the same area as you. At our atheist singles club, connecting with others is easy. So create your account today, and give your personal life a kick start.

Here's the website:

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I had a membership.  The problem was that there weren't any atheist girls my own age living in my state that were also members.

Just tried this site and found it odd that they would display your zodiac sign. I would hope an athiest woman would find that as useless information.


For me the big question is, "What's the ratio of guys to girls?" It's already very poor (from a man's perspective) on regular dating sites, and is likely to be even worse for an atheist-themed site.

Dating is already stressful enough!  It's really only worth a concerted effort if the male:female ratio is equitable.

I've been seeing this one lately:


Anyone tried it?

The problem with most dating sites is that they'll try to match a person in say Minneota with someone in Canada.  When people want to date, they really want someone a little closer.  That's why I don't really recommend any of these dating sites.  I don't really see this as a dating site, it's really just more of a social network.  I'm really just looking for someone around my age who lives in my area and shares my beliefs, interests, and values.  Doesn't really seem like it should be that much to ask.

I'm not sure what dating sites you've tried, but I've used several throughout the years and matches are almost always categorized by location.

Ironically, it was the site being discussed in the main part of this discussion.  I looked for girls my own age and they suggested this girl in Vancouver.  When I try and use dating sites, i'm looking for a date, not a pen pal.

Within the last three years or so, I've had more and more success just approaching women in public. I don't really do bars and clubs that often, plus women are generally much less receptive there because they're expecting to be hit on. Malls, bookstores or just on the street seem to work the best for me.

That being said, I started dating online all the way back when I was eighteen. My first and most successful was HotorNot.com. The second most successful and the one I use now is OkCupid.com. The latter has a paid A List feature that's like ten bucks a year or something. Otherwise it's free. Great site with a large selection of people.


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