I am thinking out loud for the  moment and wondering what an "Atheist Love Boat" would be like.  I think the entertainment and comedy would be refreshing actually.  Maybe we could get some celebs to join us.  We could have speed dating night, rock til you drop night, survivors for atheism training night.  I bet it could be a fun trip and possibly a beginning to new relationships for some.  Im not sure where the best place to sail to but I like the idea of charity vacations.  Maybe we could sail to Haiti, help out some and then come home.

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All I can think about is the food that they would serve on your "Atheist Love Boat". But that's just me.
Baby meat.
Bar-b-qued Baby Meat with Sugar Ray's BBQ Sauce
Sounds interesting!
This idea is loaded with grade "A" awesomeness.

How 'bout also a talent show, art show(maybe silent auction for chairity) bachelor auction, ....the mind reals how much fun this could be.

Thanks for your enthusiasm people.  You're great!
So when does this shindig start? :D
I wouldn't know how to plan such a large gathering.  Maybe we just need to see what ships allow theme cruises.

I love the idea

Not intended as a downer, but being the skeptic that I am ... if everyone in this group signed on for the cruise, we would get enough to half fill a smallish modern cruise ship. ( The Pacific Princess would probably be overflowing, though... ) Would there be advertising elsewhere, to get the word out beyond the Nexus?

If not, I think you'd have to be happy with 20-40 people from here,( show of hands to see if im wrong.....)

100 would be amazing.

So the idea of an exclusive, athiest themed entertainment cruise currently seems far-fetched.

Picking a generic singles cruise that is already planned, and have everyone agree to meet up  would be more realistic, maybe less fun. And awkward maybe if only a few show up. (Although, hooking up with a horny christian, and then converting them to the dark side as they lay next to you in your stateroom, there are possibilities....) 

There has to be one person here out of 24,000 that works for a cruise line....


You may be right about the numbers but the idea is to have motivation for like minded individuals meet and enjoy the company of atheists.  Meaningless sex is just meaningless sex no matter atheist or religious participants.  Because atheist and religious relationships are likely to be a long walk with competitive differences it may be desirable to some to have an atheist atheist relationship who may learn to cohabitate and support one another in the everyday dogma of religious perceptions of life.  I think if I went on a cruise large or small with all atheist I would learn a lot more about myself than a generic one, sex or no sex included.

Will Charo be on board?

I think what ever floats your boat, haha, just a pun..  I think anything that helps to teach about yourself in this world and is warm and friendly is worth having.  Friendly people, good food, and time to relax, that is what I like.


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