Just decided this would be pretty fun, and you know, if it works, you're going to have a lot less trouble later on.  I'll start:


Are you Russel's Teapot?  Because you are out of sight!

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Are you a diety?


Because you look unreal.


:P i know that was bad

Well, then, maybe that says a lot about my sense of humor, because I loved it and intend to write it down.
Ah hahahahaa

I've always liked this one:


How much does a polar bear weigh?


Enough to break the ice. Hi, I'm Brent...

"Hey there. Have you been touched by the great noodly appendage?"


No way that can go wrong.

Russel's Teapot is an example introduced by Bertrand Russel to demonstrate to theists why it's ridiculous to demand negative proof.  Somewhere out between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter is a teapot, orbiting the sun.  Prove me wrong.
mmm, that's not a gun in your pocket, that's a brick! :)
You're so sweet-- it must go down to your DNA. Because of the deoxyribose.
Because it's a sugar.  Which is sweet.  Because your tongue tastes sugars as sweet.  Hey, where are you going?  I was about to talk about how taste receptors work!

One of the jokes/goth pick-up lines that is still my favorite is:

"Nice boots. Wanna fuck?"


I suppose this could be altered for atheist uses. Suggestions as for altering?

Ummm, nope sounds good to me regardless or nonreligious affiliation. ;)

"Nice genes.  Wanna fuck?"




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