Just decided this would be pretty fun, and you know, if it works, you're going to have a lot less trouble later on.  I'll start:


Are you Russel's Teapot?  Because you are out of sight!

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"Does that 'A' on your shirt mean you're an atheist? Or is it a quality grade?

Either way, I approve."

I may not believe in god, but I believe you're the most beautiful woman here.

I may not put much weight into that particular compliment, but I'll give it to you:

It sure is original and well stated ! :)

Hmmmmm, variation on that which just came to me.


You know, it's not a sin, if you're not despoiling some pure, Christian girl ... and for me, nothing is a sin.  We should make this work in our favor.

I seriously doubt I could get away with saying that.
With your help, we could see the second coming!

(Men, try this:)

I don't believe in a god, but you, you look like a goddess.

When someone asks you if youre a god you say yes
So Dawkins says pantheism is sexed up atheism.

...How about we admire each other's natural world and prove him right?


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