so i live in North Carolina and being a atheist you can only Imagen the turbulence i go though in the never ending search for a nice person of the opposite sex. i guess the term "it's me and you together but just you in your belief" is to literal so tell me ladies and gents how hard is it to find someone to be with with there religion getting in the way?

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Hi Ryan!

As has been discussed so many places on this site I think there are a lot of closet Atheists out there. I would imagine especially among the younger generation. Personally I just can't see myself with anyone religious. It's simply too big an obstacle and it's not just the religion but the general worldview and way of thinking that goes with it.

I know that makes things harder and lonelier for us but trust me on this one; better to hold out for someone compatible than try and force a square peg into a round relationship hole. Sure, there's the purely physical aspect of a relationship but that too is SOOOOOO much better when shared with someone you respect!
i agree whole heartily.

i began talking to a female since i posted this and she is very much religious but when i talk to her i don't see her religion i only see her and thats all i'm hoping for...for someone who wont force their way of life down my throat. and i guess in a world full of blind bigots thats all you can ask for .




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