Friend of mine set me up on a blind date.

I violated the first rule of 'Blind Dates' and facebooked my blind date.

She went to a Catholic High School which, in fairness, could mean anything.

Should I be terrified? or mildly amused?

In either case I'm going through with it just to see what happens.

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Wait. Catholic School? That could be very bad (devout) or really awesome (The traditional outfits).

Anyhow, hope it goes well for you.
No need to be terrified, Catholic high school is usually not chosen by the student, but by the parent. She could be non-practicing now or an atheist, what's to be terrified of is if things work out, you have to deal with the family, who are likely to be practicing.

Definitely try to find out her feelings on religion ASAP, but without directly asking. Ask her what she usually does on weekends, that should at least tell you if she is super-religious.
A good friend of mine went to Catholic school and it was indeed a big part of what turned her Atheist.

Once upon a time, I almost inherited custody of a niece. I would seriously have looked into sending her to Catholic school. This particular one especially, the academics couldn't be beat and they weren't too bad with the dogma. I could counter the dogma at home and no one could say I didn't try to expose her to all kinds of religious/non-religious stimuli.

Good luck with your date. And if it turns out badly, remember that I still have a thing for Asian guys.





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