According to my count there are 57 women and 143 men here, which means that if every gurl find a guy there would still be 86 men who would remain single!

Now let's assume that the % of gay men here is roughly equal to the population at large around 10% last time I checked...which means that 10% of 143 is 14.3 gay men...which might bring our figures down for other men down to 71.7...and we still have not factored the amount of lesbian athesits here....5.7...which is likely higher for I will say a modest increase of 15% lesbians here.....I should actually raise the bar on the gay men here too, I would think...but anyway...these are not exact figures.....:)

So that brings us to 48 women seeking men here and about 129 men seeking women....which means that the gap is 81 men are out of luck...and that's of course if everyone here was compatable with each other which of course....would not be the case since we know that the div. rate in this country is 50%! Well that leaves us with only 24 women here who would actually stay in their relationship and that would mean that only 24 men would still have a relationship and the rest .... which isn't saying too much...and....*starts to cry...

But seriously why are there always a majority of men on these atheists sites? I mean are we going to have to fight over each women like in Saudi Abria? Or will there be like for every atheist women three atheist men by her side? Some sort of atheist women's polygamy? ....

I mean this must be great for the women atheists right? You have more too choose from? If one atheist man does not suite your fancy well you can always find a large pool to choose from again....I would suspect that it is even more rational for a women to be an atheist than a man! Unless you are a gay man....?

Which brings me to my point is it rational to be an atheist male if your goal is a relationship with a female? hmm...

Does not believing in something that does not exist really matter considering how it can effect one's dating and relationship life? If so should we settle down with our pet dog and live in isolation for the rest of our lives? And why am I an atheist again? God must of cursed me. Is honesty really that important folks? What social good does it really bring? Maybe I could just brainwash myself into belief again...motivation is sure there...oh but the gods of reason say no!

This of course brings up another valid question: If atheist men outnumber atheist women and women are often the ones teaching the next generation of human babies....and they are all religious...what kind of world is this going to look like: Idiocracy.

And of course there is the elephant in the room: Why would there be more male atheists than female atheists? Is the stereotype all know what it is....women are more prone to feeling and emotion thus they are more prone to religion and are themselves emotional but mostly rational compared to women...hence logic suggests that is why there are so few women atheists.

Does a feminist want to counter the data in some way? I'd hate for that to be the truth.....if it were I suppose marrying my dog would be my next goal....because if that is true, and all women are irrational on some other level atheist women would be just as irrational as other faith based women, therefore I'm not sure what the difference is?

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I just had to respond to this because I started a thread similar to this one eventhough it's more personal. Being an atheist male and trying to find that one woman thats out there is the perverbial needle in a haystack. Everytime I have let her know that I was an atheist I be damned if it hasn't come back with a "eww" of some kind. You think it would be easy to find a woman who was intelligent, non-religious, single, and actually enjoyed sex. Dating website to be fair help only to a certain degree. I love them for the fact you get to be completely honest and get all of that out of the way, however at the same time it's not like your at an order box. Just simply say what you want, what your looking for, and then presto a match is found for you. If only it worked this way people would be much happier, least I know I would be much happier. Being a man you ALWAYS are going to have less opportunities than women, sucks but the numbers always bear this out. And to stem off the sake of being alone you at times do feel you may very well have to compromise your values and ideals just because you can't have sex by yourself and talking to yourself is not an option. It is my wish that more women were upfront about being atheists it would really help us "see the field". Because chances are if you're a male atheist you run the entire gamut of running into believers. Whatever happend to women wanting the simple things out of a guy? Employment, education, treats you just fine, makes you laugh, and tries not to drive you nuts. I don't need dolled up, but real would be nice. Intelligent for sure scores alot of points with me. Trying to find someone to date is so damned frustrating because like any investor you want to know that the time you are about to invest would suddenly crash and burn on ya. Whats wrong with you women?
I can relate to what you are saying and I often think those same thoughts, however, I think both men and women tend to jump to conclusions. Jumping to conclusions is natural to us humans. One girl stated here: "What the hell is wrong with all of you men?!" And now you state in almost the same way: "Whats wrong with you women?"

These statements I don't think fit reality, I mean the entire reality. It is possible that both men and women have something 'wrong' with them. Or there may be other reasons.

Since I defended why it may not be the men's fault, I think I should do the same here for women.

It is possible that there is nothing 'wrong' with women. Perhaps there are not many atheist women who are open about it because of the inequality they have been under for many years. Perhaps they don't feel they can be as open about it. Or there could be other unknown reasons why women do what they do, which is perfectly reasonable for them. Women, atheist or otherwise, might be experiencing life on a different level. I think brain scans bear this out. Needless to say there might be more reasons why women act the way they do, which men should be more understanding of. Maybe we should be trying to figure out those reasons instead of saying what's wrong with you women? It is possible of course that there really is something 'wrong' with women, but there are likely more reasonable answers as to why they are either not as open about being atheist, or are not atheist at all.
There is finding out what the reasons may be and there's understanding the reasons.
But both of those still have a limited ability to assuage the frustration of the end result.
What's 'wrong' with the other gender can be quite subjective.

A perfectly reasonable reason why a woman isn't advertising her atheism (or other features I find attractive) doesn't really help me with meeting them any more than a completely unreasonable reason.
"A perfectly reasonable reason why a woman isn't advertising her atheism (or other features I find attractive) doesn't really help me with meeting them any more than a completely unreasonable reason."

Hmmm... Well, women tend to (broadly) relate socially within small units, ie, small business or family or classroom. Men tend to (broadly) relate socially across larger, more global units, ie, corporations, universities, etc. There are also more men at both extreme ends of the intelligence spectrum than women, so more men have very high IQs than women. In other words, there are on average a higher number of very bright, critically thinking men than women from a given sample size.

I think you raise some interesting points though, about women being the teachers of the next generation, and more likely to be religious, or less likely to question religion. Maybe the militant atheists ought to start targetting Mommy & Me playgroups and such. I think half the reason churches have high attendance rates for families is because they offer free childcare for an hour or two on Sunday mornings. As a mom myself, I know that's a tempting idea at times - free babysitting, all I have to do is sit and pretend this isn't idiocy for a few hours. Of course, I tend to suspect religious folks of child abusive behaviors MORE than average non-religious people, so this isn't a good wedge for me. But if you buy into the general myth that Christians are nicer or better as people, and they offer to take your little ones off your hands for an hour, maybe give you a cup of coffee or a sip of wine with a wafer, it's pretty alluring. And once they're youth group age, it seems like a safe environment for your kids to socialize with peers their age, free of drugs, sex, etc. Of course that's all bull - I got drunk, etc. with a lot of kids from my youth groups over the years.

Maybe we ought to target the young moms - decrease the benefits of unquestioning status quo and provide some alternative benefits in a secular structure.
"Maybe we ought to target the young moms - decrease the benefits of unquestioning status quo and provide some alternative benefits in a secular structure."

My Mommy taught me the earth was 6000 years old, that men had one less rib than women, (because God had taken a rib out of Adam and made the first woman Eve), that dragons were real creatures once existed, (the Bible said so), and a lot of other interesting things about giants in the land...:)

That was my Mommy religious structure, oh those were the days. :)
I got all of those - the rib one has to be my favorite because it's so easily disproved. I still think Noah's Ark has got to be the kookiest of all OT stories. 10 Million species in one wooden boat? What is it, a bag of holding??
Ok, brand-spanking new here, so let's see if I can manage to crash this discussion in a good way:

As one of the women with supposedly oh-so-many-of-you-guys to choose from, I too wonder why I'm not bumping shopping carts with any of y'all.

- Proximity? I jumped on the "Introductions" thread and see lots of guys several hundred miles from me.

- Not at the store to bump carts with anyone? I'm not exactly party-girl. I'd rather be watching a good scifi DVD (or a bad one with a friend) than meaningless trolling at a bar somewhere. Plus, part of the fun and adventure of my chosen seasonal-job lifestyle often finds me in remote areas. "Hello! Echo!" (Sound of echos reverberating off the canyon walls)

- Then, as so many here have mentioned, there's finding someone philosophically (atheist) compatible.

Which I figure leaves me with like 4 guys out of the 3 billion on this Earth. My track record so far is that those 4 guys are, respectively, Gay, Taken, Out of my age range, Just not otherwise right for me (How did I become the magnet for creepy caveman types in love with themselves?).

That said, it sounds like those elusive guys might be hiding out here? (Starts peeking under couch cushions and behind cabinets looking for elusive-guy)

In any case, good to be here and good to know I'm not the only one on this last-island!
We should just get centralized. Every decent minority has a "home base". Gay people have San Fran. Black people have Chicago. Creepy cultist white people have Salt Lake City. Musicians have Seattle (or Nashville). Hispanics have, well they have Texas/Oklahoma/New Mexico/Arkansas/Louisiana/California/Arizona. I say we pick a city and take it over. Bring on the secular Hi-Jinx. I nominate Dallas. Be back later to check on post, packing my bags.
How about Minneapolis? They have a pretty strong atheist community in that state.


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