call for "coming out" narratives focused on dating/relationships for atheists

Hi there, I am writing a book for Columbia University Press on "coming out as atheist" and am still looking for submissions that can speak to identity intersections (race/culture and atheism), aging, workplace issues, romantic relationships, and community building.

Please consider submitting a piece! More details here:

Thank you!


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I'd love to submit. When is this due?

Wonderful! It is due by August 1st. Details can be found here:

Wish I had a more interesting story.  I came out to my parents when I was 14 or so.  I don't even remember details.  All of my girlfriends have known I was an atheist, going into the relationships.

I will submit a personal piece. Will you respect requests for anonymity?

Hey Nathan,

Yes! Pieces can definitely be submitted anonymously or with a pen name.



 When I saw this it really sunk in. I was never indoctrinated. I haven't had a second of my life I believed.

They tried with me, but it never took.  I have vague memories of being 5 or 6, not believing the stories they told us in Sunday school.




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