I was reading some of the other discussion topics but I was surprised I didn't see this already addressed. So my question is, what are your deal breakers? 

I have more than a few but some things are negotiable. However there are some absolute deal breakers. 

3. More than one small child. I'm not even sure I can handle one but I know more than one is too much obligation.

2. Neediness (is that a word?). This is usually tied into insecurity on their part. I shouldn't feel obligated to tell him he's a pretty princess everyday.

And number one on the charts is...

Bad Breath! How some people don't find their to the dentist regularly or (gasp) never floss, I'll never understand. 

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Over time, my number of "absolute dealbreakers" has shrunk. Many things that I thought I absolutely could not deal with, I have since concluded, could in some cases be negotiable. At this point, the only thing remaining that I feel is absolutely mandatory is agreement on the issue of children. And the only reason I even include that is that there just isn't any effective way to compromise there - what do you do, have half a kid? So the only requirements I now have are that we must agree on children and whether or not to have them. Everything else is open to negotiation.

That said, there are a few things that I would be damned hard put to deal with. Smoking, drugs and other illegal activities come to mind, as do insanity, infidelity and abusive behavior. Further down the scale, there are things that I would strongly prefer, but might be able to nonetheless tolerate, if we were both willing to compromise, like religious and political differences, dietary restrictions, differences in interests, and so on.

Overall, I think the best relationships are between similar people. Opposites may attract, but they rarely stay together well.
Overall, I think the best relationships are between similar people. Opposites may attract, but they rarely stay together well.

I'd have to agree. I seriously don't understand how two people of opposite political/moral/religious views can put up with each other for very long. Even hobbies and activities; we've got to have at least a little bit in common!
My biggest deal breaker is ignorance, and unfortunately where i live at ignorance is abundance. Bad breathe can be changed, even though i can't see how you don't know you have bad breath(besides dental health reasons). I don't like a female who critique everything a person does, like there's always something to complain about. Don't like females who say "i'm not religious" but, feel the need to tell you why you should be. I don't like those females who go for the tall (sometimes a requirement even when they're short themselves), "baller", and have no class type of guy. And my biggest turn off physically, is a women with no real shape, oh and i dislike women who always claim to be "busy" to make themselves more important then they really are. ::takes deep breath:: And as another person mentioned, i dislike a female who have no sense of communication, like you have to ask all the questions and they answer it. And the funny part is, they be the first to call you just to breathe on the phone!

..Ok i'm done.
I'd agree that ignorance is a good one. And I do mean "ignorance." I've met (supposedly) high-IQ and/or degree-holders who are ignorant as hell; closed-minded, don't think critically, don't understand basic logic.

I've met people who have little education and/or seem to have unremarkable IQs but are thoughtful, consider questions, listen to answers, learn, explore, question.

On bad breath - My dad had halitosis pretty bad and rarely knew it. We'd have to tell him "Time for a breath mint dad." I don't know how that is either. I get a tooth infection, or the onion soup I had for lunch and I can taste when it's lingering!

On tallness - I've seen this on several posts now. I never did understand why women are supposed to be hung up on dating a taller man. It seriously doesn't matter to me. In fact, I have a small bed. I've had a couple of friends joke that I'll have to measure any future boyfriends and make sure they aren't too tall to fit in it. ;-)
Lol @ small bed joke. Jo, you crack me up.
It's the truth too! I can pull out the bed in my RV to either double or queen size I think, so long as we're willing to suck in our guts to squeeze in and out the door. But length-wise, 6 feet is the max, so I'm thinking my date won't be too comfy if he's anything over about 5'8.

Unless my ideal gypsy man out there has his own beater RV with a slightly bigger bed than mine. Yes, that would be perfect: Me and my fellow gypsy-traveler, shitty RVs parked all cozy, side-by-side in the forest with a little constructed conduit linking them, making it feel more like a 2-room hobo shack than a 1-room. Awwwww, how adorable, eh?

Hmm, my clone is 6'1".
Yes, very adorable. Like a carnival operator, "Must be this high to ride this ride."

You must send me pics. Of the 2 RVs, I mean, not of the ride in the...eh nevermind.
There's a pic or two of my 1975 Disco Dinosaur on my profile. More to come when I get some computer repair done and can upload more without crashing my system.
I feel you on the no sense of communication. If you can't converse then I don't have much use for you. I know, I know, some people are quiet but if that's the case then they're just not for me. These women that say that they're not religious, are they the same that say that they're spiritual instead? I never really did understand what that means even though I may have said it myself a long time ago.
For instance my friend from the military, she say's she not spiritual, or religious but believe in jesus and god. So i ask her all the time, why do you believe if you really don't believe, she said she would rather be safe than sorry. -_-
Yup, it's a half-assed version of Pascal's Wager. I freaking hate that. It's the end result of people brainwashing their children from the age of 2 on.




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