I was reading some of the other discussion topics but I was surprised I didn't see this already addressed. So my question is, what are your deal breakers? 

I have more than a few but some things are negotiable. However there are some absolute deal breakers. 

3. More than one small child. I'm not even sure I can handle one but I know more than one is too much obligation.

2. Neediness (is that a word?). This is usually tied into insecurity on their part. I shouldn't feel obligated to tell him he's a pretty princess everyday.

And number one on the charts is...

Bad Breath! How some people don't find their to the dentist regularly or (gasp) never floss, I'll never understand. 

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My roommate is a douche bag, with bad breathe, he's pretty clean though and yet he's super annoying. But, he gets more women then I could ever imagine. Okay I am lying but he hooks up with so many women, and they say nothing about his breathe. He makes fun of me because I bring nothing home. And I make fun of him because none of his girls can speak english, although... they're usually hot, but illiterate. So to me deal breakers don't mean much? lol I've noticed If a women is attracted to a man then everything else is out the window. For example: I have a friend who is really good looking, and he's a total player. And most of the girls know this and yet it doesn't stop them from trying to hook up with him. Basically if a women wants something shes going to get it. And one can argue that they're dumb and are hoes, but..the same people who have said this, have also been some of the same people that have slept with my friend. Anyways I am sure many of those same women never imagined hooking up with someone with bad breathe, and yet they do.
Gross!! I can't! I know people can and will compromise themselves when it comes to relationships but I just can't get down with someone who has bad oral hygiene. Or any bad hygiene period. I mentioned bad breath because that seems to be the one most pervasive.

I don't understand it either, people will shower, shave, put on deodorant but dismiss their mouth or pay little attention to it. I can't speak to what sort of people don't mind it but if someone smells like they ate a shit sandwich, they aint gettin' love from me.
ROFL. Shit sandwich, doesn't sound too appetizing.lol I've sat back and watched girls reactions to his breathe, and they try so hard to play it off. I am more straight up. I would have mentioned it, but like I said he's a douchebag so I tend not to say anything. lol
LOL! I'd have to see that. Like I said, I don't understand it, I mean that's so intimate, all in your mouth, EW.
I actually floss and rinse my mouth after every time I eat. I wouldn't accept a woman who has any children. I want my own, not someone else's children, although I would assume that mentioning this is too forward or improper. Another obvious thing that might or might not quite be a deal breaker is that other Jews don't seem to accept my non-observance or atheism, even if the girl herself is not observant, and I don't know how to meet another atheist. What is strange is that online, some girls give up because "we don't have enough in common." But no two people can like exactly the same things. Also being much fatter than me is unacceptable, probably because my mother is obese and any girl who is much fatter than I am will remind me too much of my mother.
Nothing wrong with personal preferences. It's just what you like or want for your future. I don't know about the Jewish deal though, I'm Native American but so far, the NA men don't seem to mind my non belief.
This is a very good question, primarily because aside from good health and hygeine, I'm not especially picky. Primarily my concerns are social in nature, given that I am a very big humanist, similar beliefs are a must.

Oh, and something I just remembered. Dietary resctrictions. I'm an adventerous eater, and I always hate it when I can't share my food (or especially my cooking) with my date.
I am about the same about the beliefs but since we're on A/N, I didn't mention because it seems a given. Still I wouldn't rule out a man who does have a belief as long as he isn't into "saving my soul." So I guess for me it would be more about his values, does he value people, family, friends, neighbors, that sort of thing.
re: Bunnys Blade I'm Native American but so far, the NA men don't seem to mind my non belief.
Well, of coarse men dont have a problem with your non beliefs. This is because you have internal plumbing, and men will do anything to investigate the piping.lol Most men will abide by your rules or pretend to represent your prototypical ideal male in exchange for social recognition, or sex. This is nothing new of coarse, but I am almost certain that if the tables were turned the results would differ. Unless the male is extremely good looking, then women will be more likely to ignore slight imperfections as some may say. Bottom line men will say anything to get in your pants, and to stay in them. Even if its pretending to respect your beliefs. Not all men though.
Well of course I know that, that's why I said "seem." Men have tried several angles to get at me but my cynicism is ever alert. Actually too much, as my attitude towards men is usually that they are guilty till proven innocent.

I could rant but that would be a whole other discussion.
Guilty till proven innocent! Well I am glad your not ahead of the supreme court.lol No I am kidding. My deal breakers, in no particular order would have to be.
1. Issues (take your pick)
2. Overly Sensitive
3. Uneducated ( If given the opportunity and declined)
Number 3 means a lot too me especially now days, given the amount of information attainable from just about anywhere with an Wifi connection. There's no logical explanation for being uneducated in America in 2010.
Understandable. These would fall under the heading of negotiable for me, only because there are different levels of each. My last boyfriend didn't have much of a formal education nor did he have nearly the amount of useless knowledge as I but I didn't have to draw pictures for him, well at least, not that often.

Someone could say I have issues because I'm not easy to trust people but I don't think this qualifies me as hopeless material. As far as the sensitive thing, I think I would have to cosign that, this is due to my sense of humor. Some call me mean, I can't help it if I like to point and laugh.




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