Not according to the analytical geeks at OKcupid:

If you scroll down to the last graph, you will see that mentioning atheism in a first message is more likely to lead to subsequent messages than mentioning any other religion, and mentioning 'god' is the worst. Does anyone have alogical explanation?

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I am from a Jewish family, and I know that a certain percent of people who identify as Jewish never or almost never go to synagogues or do any of the rituals. But even among non-observant Jews, very few are willing to admit to non-belief in god/religion, although there are the so called "humanistic Jews"; they have a website and a few organized groups. And it took some arguing to convince my mother that my lack of Jewish beliefs and non-observance does not entail that I adopt the christian practices that it seems most of our fellow Americans observe. You are right, some people have difficulty accepting the concept of a total lack of belief and rituals.
Please don't confuse "conservative" with "religious". I know a lot of non-religious conservatives. And a lot of very religious liberals. The two things are independent of each other, common misconceptions notwithstanding.
Here in the heart of the Bible Belt, I don't think that it has helped my chances any. But I'm at the point where I am not really trying that hard anymore, anyway. If something does come along - fine. If not - fine. The way I look at it, while Christian girls might be good for a one night stand, I really don't want long term involvement with one of them. People who believe in a Sky Daddy, and who think fairy tales are real - are not what I would want for a mate anyway.

Maybe I would try it for a little while, if the sex was good.

But that's about the extent of it.

On another note . . .

I still haven't given up on third world countries yet. :)
I am originally from the mid-west. Nebraska in perticular. Now living in Texas. Now on ALL my dating/social sites I am marked off as an atheist. On the social sites I get a lot of hits but on the dating sites I rarely get action except for women outside the US. I believe the reason that a lot of christians contact atheist is because they don't READ the profiles. They go by photo only. Thats why when you finnally do converse with them they're surprised when the subject comes up. Christian men care less if you are a one of them because theyre looking for the woman not the god. Though with women it's different. They want a personality they assume comes along with being christian.
I think there is a lot of truth to that. It isn't hard to filter out the women with 'Christian expectations' on OKcupid. They are very up front about wanting a man who keeps a place for 'god' in his life. And it sure ain't yours truly...
probably less luck online than in person. in person you can at least try and get someone interested in your personality before they realize you're an atheist.
Actually, from personal experience, because I am somewhat shy in real and end up coming off as "aloof" because I keep to myself, historically I have only ever found dates online. It seems to me easier to find people online with whom I have things in common. At my school, lots of scientists believe in god (they observe Lent and attend churches), which is awkward... Agree with Sonny, theism is def a deal breaker. So I don't think it has reduced my online dating chances. However, as someone cleverly pointed out, I am female and thus the statistics are in my favor.
From what I understood in the blog post, it didn't necessarily divide the responses you get into positive (thanks-let's meet) or negative (ew-you're gross) responses. Could the data be skewed a bit? I'm just wondering if those who mention atheism in their first email might get something more along the line of a negative "thanks but no thanks, you don't believe in my god" response, which obviously leads nowhere.

On the other hand, I wonder if those of us who are atheists actually read through people's profiles in the first place (before sending an email) to check if we're more likely to _get a response back_ by finding those other atheists out there. So in other words, we're searching for that which in the majority of society would otherwise be taken for granted (religious belief). Does that make any sense?
I am new to this, but obviously there are for more theists out there than non theists. I am very selective whom I contact, and any mention of a 'relationship with god' in a profile will get it 'nexted'. That, or answering 'teach both sides' to the question on creationism. However, I also think there are a lot of rather loose theists (ideologically) who would be open to dating an atheist.

Now, all that said, I have actually found a very interesting woman on OK cupid. She listed her religion as 'other', and she would probably describe herself as spiritual, but I would classify her as agnostic. We'll have to see how it plays out, so don't kick me off the single's site yet! But I will actually have this site to thank because I heard about OK cupid here first.
What is it about OKcupid? I just started on there recently (also because several people here recommended it) and have found more interesting men there than on plentyoffish and match combined. And they know and use punctuation and proper spelling-it's a bit of a shock, really.
I read a review site that rated dating sites, and they didn't rate OKC very high compared to others (but you never know if they have their own agenda, too). I like the features at OKC (I am able to quickly eliminate all the theists!) and you get some measure of potential compatibility before contacting anyone. I know what you mean about careless spelling and punctuation. To me, that's like posting a picture with a booger hanging out of your nose :)
Very apt description. Now I must go clean the image from my brain.


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