eHarmony article states "people sexually abused, non-religous, most likely to cheat"

Cancelled my account on behalf of this bigoted dribble.

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What a load of bollocks! Unbelievable
wow! but Im not surprised...we are the least trusted group in America it's really laughable!
wouldn't have used eHarmony anyway. Dad says, "It's kind of a christian dating site. You should try it." First indication I shouldn't, immediately.
Well, I didn't notice that they excluded gays from their site, so that explains alot of things there... Whats funny is I met more agnostic/athiest on their site than any other.
I don't use e harmony but I certainaly wont now.. thanks for sharing.
I actually never used that site because if the outrageous fees they charge. It's like $60 a month. They'll cut you a deal if you subscribe for a year, but if the site is as good as they claim, I wouldn't need it for a year would I? I did not know they were 'spiritually' themed, but it figures, something didn't seem right about it. Thanx for the heads up!
Um, y'all did notice the list of references at the end, right? I don't think that authors would go out of their way to paint the nonreligious with a tarred brush unless there was some hard data behind the claim. Now you can make a case for the data being no good, like that the data used ranges from 5-50 years old. It appears (without access to the sources) that most of the religious-oriented data comes from the early 90s, not exactly current enough to pass my muster.
I got stuck at the first premise, "We all know infidelity is wrong, yet up to 25% of men and 15% of women will cheat on their spouse at some point in their lifetime." Personal feelings aside, do we all know it's wrong? Like we knew fifty years ago, homosexuality was wrong? I do not propose people fuck everyone the meet, but there is a discussion hidden in a premise that assumes we all believe the same thing.
Good point. It isn't right or wrong it is simply a different reproductive strategy. The "wrong" part I presume is the dishonesty. It is hard to argue that it is good to be dishonest to those closest to you.
Indeed, dificult to make that point. I guess it would be best to discuss it with your partner before you get involved. They might have a surprise or two for you.
They may not have recognized non-monogamous marriages. Or they classified it as cheating.
I don't know how many other atheists, like myself, are in non-monogamous relationships. I can see how that would be particularly un-conservative.

Made sense in my head. I probably sound redonk...

P.S. Let me know if openly poly people are welcome in this group.
On page 106, they review 15 articles that have investigated the relationship between religiosity and attitudes on extramarital involvement or reporting extramarital involvement. Of these, one article found that those who report no religious affiliation also report higher rates of extramarital involvement, four articles found that higher levels of attending religious services and religiosity negatively related to having less permissive attitudes towards extramarital affairs, eight articles found that higher religiosity related to fewer reports of engaging in extramarital involvement

So all this (I haven't read the actual research) says is that non-religious people (in these studies) reported affairs at a higher rate, not that they had affairs at a higher rate. And having a "less permissive attitude to having affairs" is not the same as "never had an affair." I'm sure Ted Haggard would have reported a highly negative attitude to affairs, just before the moment his became front page news.

Is eHarmony the one where you have to tick a million boxes in a personality test? That "personality test" smacked of pseudoscience so I didn't progress with it.




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