Just feel me for a minute. 

A friend; whom I’ve known for some time asks me an interesting question; granted her disposition: 

“Why can’t I find a man that takes me serious”?

The first aspect that came to mind was her Facebook account. I told her if 99% (emphasis on 99.9%) of your postings are pictures that you say: aint that the truth, so true, that’s right, I agree etc. and if your postings; the ones that do contain more than two sentences state: I’m getting drunk tonight, where’s the party at, I got so wasted, where the weed at, where’s the patron, etc. then HELL…WHO WOULD TAKE YOU SERIOUS! 

However, an epiphany came to me: Facebook is better than any DATING SITE IN THE WORLD! The reason is simple: show me an individual who does not write, I’ll show you a person who does not read (a lot to that statement). The shenanigans and self-exposure of infantilization is a daily routine of some people’s mentality; unlike, a short post on a dating site about someone who could completely be fabricating their whole persona. Facebook; however, provides a daily dose of what someone is really like on a daily, monthly; hell, yearly basis. 

So…if anyone is utilizing a dating site, ask the individual if he/she is on Facebook; you’ll know truly how serious, business oriented, intellectual, or just retarded someone is truly. 

You are what you eat, you are what you think, and you are what you post. SMDH.

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I agree. I'm glad I don't use Facebook. I don't think anyone needs a daily update on my life.

I feel you Steph; it can become a bit monotonous. 

I agree. I love FB for this very purpose. If someone tells me "I don't have a FB account" Or I do , but I don't log in..I usually assume (correctly most of the time) that that person is already "in a relationship", and I can move along :)

What if it's one of the people who doesn't use Facebook, because they aren't into meaningless, mass interactions, and they know they would just get into nonstop fights with religious family members?  Like ... well ... me, just as an example.

I'll be making use of it for promotion of my standup, but I won't be using it for personal activity, even then.

I like to know a person in the flesh and have them converse with me to know them better.




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